Memorabilia door of ‘Titanic’ sold for Rs 6 crore, then 25 years old debate started again, do you know the correct answer? – titanic door that saved rose auctioned in 6 crore rupees starts debate on saving jack again tmovs


Whenever it comes to love stories in cinema, people automatically remember the name of ‘Titanic’. This film of James Cameron, who is counted among the world’s greatest film directors, is one of the world’s most iconic love stories. The characters of Jack and Rose, played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, are as fresh in people’s memories today as they were in 1997.

It brought a story as romantic as ‘Titanic’, which is included in cinema’s greatest love stories. Its end was equally tragic. After the world’s largest ship sinks, two lovers aboard are drowning in the water. Jack is trying his best to save his girlfriend and places her on a wooden ‘door’ floating on the sea water.

Rose survives and Jack, immersed up to his neck in icy water, bids farewell to this world after a few hours. The wooden ‘door’ which was a part of this tragic romance has now been auctioned and you will be surprised to know its price.

Memorable prop of ‘Titanic’ auctioned at huge price

The prop that people often think of as the door that saved Rose’s life in ‘Titanic’ was actually a panel of balsa wood that was part of the entrance to the ship’s first class lounge in the film.

According to a report of Time, recently this panel was auctioned and a superfan of ‘Titanic’ bought it for 718,750 million dollars i.e. about Rs 6 crore. The description given in the auction listing says that this wooden panel seen in the film was based on one of the intact pieces found in the wreck of the real Titanic. With the auction of this prop from the film ‘Titanic’, a debate more than 25 years old has started again among the fans.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCamrio in ‘Titanic’ (Credit: Social Media)

This debate related to ‘Titanic’ is very old

James Cameron’s film had a strong impact on people’s hearts. The character of Jack played by Leonardo was so brilliant that people could not tolerate his death at the end of the film. When the film was released 27 years ago, as soon as they came out after watching it, many viewers started raising a question – if Rose had slipped a little on that wooden ‘door’, then Jack too could have adjusted and survived.

Reacting to the news of auction of this prop of ‘Titanic’, an ex (formerly Twitter) user wrote, ‘Will its new owner try it and tell whether two people can fit on it or not?’ Another user, mimicking Rose’s character from the film, wrote, ‘Don’t touch my door Jack, it’s worth 6 crores.’ If you have also seen Titanic, then surely this question must have come in your mind that could that wooden plank have saved both Jack and Rose?

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCamrio in ‘Titanic’ (Credit: Social Media)

When James Cameron searched for the answer to the ‘historic debate’
This debate between Jack-Rose and the wooden plank had entangled the ‘Titanic’ fans so much that a few years ago, director James Cameron conducted an experiment and found the answer to this puzzle whether Jack could have survived or not?

According to a report in The Guardian, James Cameron said, ‘We took two stunt performers whose body mass was equal to that of Kate and Leo (the film’s lead actors). We placed sensors inside and above his body and lowered him into icy water. We tried different methods to see if both of them could have survived? And the answer was this – there is no way that both of them could have survived. Only one of the two could survive. James may have given fans a solution to the ‘Titanic’ debate, but considering people’s love for the film, it seems difficult that everyone will be able to accept his answer.


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