These 12 names of Hanuman ji will remove all your problems, without them the fruit of worship is incomplete, know the importance here

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Hanuman Puja

Hanuman Puja: In Hindu religion, Hanuman ji is one of the most revered deities of Kalyug. Bajrangbali was asked by Lord Rama before taking Jal Samadhi to stay on earth till Kaliyuga and protect all the devotees. It is believed that Hanuman ji follows the orders of his deity even today in the present time of Kaliyuga. Talking about worshiping Lord Hanuman, Tuesday and Saturday are the best days.

Those who daily recite his Chalisa for Hanuman ji with true devotion and selflessness, Hanuman ji’s special blessings are showered on them. There is a religious belief that if along with the recitation of Hanuman ji, his 12 divine names are chanted, then the results are manifold and all the sorrows of life are removed by Bajrangbali in a moment.

Glory of 12 names of Hanuman ji

  1. Hanuman- This name of Hanuman ji is most popular. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Hanu, which means chin. After being attacked by Lord Indra, his name became famous in the world as Hanuman. This name is a symbol of their strength and bravery. By chanting this name even the biggest troubles can be averted.
  2. Anjani Sut- Due to mother Anjani being red, Hanuman ji is also called by the name Anjani Sut. This name symbolizes his birth and lineage. Chanting it is considered to bring auspicious results.
  3. Vayu son- Being the mental son of Pawandev, the god of wind, Hanuman ji’s name is also Vayuputra. It is believed that by chanting this name daily, positive energy flows in life and self-confidence increases.
  4. Mahabal- Due to the immense strength and power Hanuman ji has, his name is also Mahabal. By taking refuge in this name one gets relief from all the fears of life. This name is a symbol of his amazing power.
  5. Rameshth- Because of his dedication and loyalty towards Shri Ram, he was called Rameshtha. Which means Shri Ram whose deity is worshipable. By chanting this name one attains devotion and gets relief from all the sorrows of the world.
  6. Falgunsakha- In Mahabharata, one name of Arjun was Falgun. In Mahabharata, Hanuman ji handled Arjun’s chariot and helped him. In this way Arjun and Hanuman ji of Mahabharata became best friends. This name symbolizes the friendship between Hanuman ji and Arjun. It is believed that by chanting this mantra one gets good and helpful friends. Because in difficult times everyone needs the support of a true friend.
  7. Pingaksh- This name symbolizes the brown eyes of Hanuman ji. In various religious texts, the color of Hanuman ji’s eyes has been described as brown.
  8. Amitvikram- Hanuman ji has unlimited bravery and courage, hence his name is Amitvikram and this name is also a symbol of his immense bravery. It is believed that by chanting this name, all fear, worry and grief disappear.
  9. Succession- According to Ramayana, when Hanuman ji was going to Lanka in search of Mother Sita, he crossed the ocean. This name is considered a symbol of his crossing the ocean.
  10. sitashokvinashan- After reaching Lanka, Hanuman ji reduced the sorrow of Mother Sita ji by giving her the message of Shri Ram. That’s why one of his names is Sitashok Vinashak. This name removes all sorrows and troubles, hence you can chant this name daily.
  11. Lakshmanpranadata- Hanuman ji had saved Lakshman ji’s life by bringing Sanjeevani herb. That is why he is called Lakshmanprandata. It is believed that if life is in danger then this name must be chanted.
  12. Dashagriva Darpaha- Hanuman ji had shattered Ravana’s pride by reaching Lanka. This name is a symbol of that.

Chanting the 12 names of Hanuman ji is considered very beneficial. It provides strength, courage, and devotion to the devotees. By chanting this name negative powers do not wander nearby.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on religious faith and folk beliefs. There is no scientific evidence for it. India TV does not give proof of the truth of even a single thing.)

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