Monk imposter scams long lost son who returned home as Yogi Gang Modus Operandi opnm2

A jogi sitting in the middle of the village singing a song to the tune of Sarangi and people crying bitterly. On February 2, at 3 pm, there was a similar disturbance in Kharauli village of Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh. A boy who had gone missing some twenty years ago had suddenly returned to the village after becoming a jogi. Be it mother, father, aunt or grandmother, after listening to him, everyone’s love for their lost loved one was flowing in the form of tears from their eyes. On top of that, to the tune of Sarangi, Jogi narrated the painful story of King Bhatrihari, after listening to which, it seemed as if the mother’s heart had melted. Sometimes she would look at her son, and sometimes she would get lost in his childhood memories.

Within no time this news spread from village Kharauli to the surrounding areas. People came running towards this village to witness this amazing game of fate. A sea of ​​emotions was surging around Jogi, someone was crying, someone was advising him to give up yoga and sannyasa and return to his family life, while someone was telling him about his parents’ declining age, but being away from worldly matters. The yogi’s mind was so engrossed in the jog that he was not affected by anyone’s words. In fact, Arun Kumar Singh alias Pinku, the younger son of Ratipal Singh, resident of the same village, had gone missing somewhere in the capital Delhi about twenty years ago, when he had gone to Delhi for some work.

Ratipal Singh and his entire family were dying for a piece of their heart. After the disappearance of their son, they neither got any news about him nor did they know where and in what condition he was. What’s more, the family members didn’t even know whether he was alive or not. But in the midst of this mental dilemma that had been going on for more than 20 years, on February 2, suddenly when a Jogi knocked at Ratipal Singh’s house, claiming himself to be his long-lost son, all the feelings of the parents that had been suppressed in their hearts for years came to light. There was excitement. Over the years, Pinku had changed so much that if he himself had not revealed his identity, perhaps someone would have been able to recognize him.

Since his journey could not be successful without taking alms from his mother, he had to return not only to his village but also to the doorstep of his family. But this is the son’s story. How could a mother, her elderly father and all other relatives accept this stubbornness of their son so easily? So he started convincing his son to leave the life of yoga or asceticism. But during this persuasion, the son who returned home said such a thing that even the family members were stunned for some time. Jogi said that unless he repays the debt of the Guru in which he was brought up and the Guru from whom he took initiation, he will neither get freedom from the Math nor from Jog.

He described himself as a follower of Parasnath Math in Jharkhand and demanded a huge amount of Rs 11 lakh to repay the debt of the Guru. Had to do it somehow? Now the family members started pleading in front of Jogi. The elderly father started talking about his status and the mother started demanding return of her milk debt. Now the matter came to negotiation and finally the deal for Pinku’s return home was finalized at Rs 3 lakh 60 thousand. The father, who is deeply in love with his son, not only arranges a deal for a part of his ancestral land to help him end his life, but also hastily buys him a mobile phone to stay in touch with him till he returns home. Gave. The son left from there.

Meanwhile, the bargaining that started with Rs 11 lakh, his stopping at around Rs 3.5 lakh, then suddenly taking the phone and leaving the house in a hurry, all these things are now in the minds of Pinku’s family members as well as the people of the village. I was also having doubts. In such a situation, when some boys from the village tried to gather information about the Parasnath Math in Jharkhand, they came to know that there is no such math. However, there is a famous pilgrimage site of Jain sect in Parasnath, Jharkhand. In such a situation, people’s suspicion started increasing on Pinku and his companion who had come to the village disguised as a jogi. After this, when Ratipal Singh asked him for the account number to give the money, he gave the number of a person from Jharkhand.

A man in whom it was difficult for his family members to believe. Due to suspicion, when the family called Pinku and asked about his location, he told that he was in Jharkhand and was going towards his monastery. But when his family members checked the location of his new mobile phone given to him, it was found that it was not in Jharkhand but in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. Now the suspicion of the family members had turned into belief that the people who had come to the village posing as jogis were actually trading in their emotions by taking the false identity of their missing son. Were trying to cheat them. Now the family members were also convinced that in reality the boy who went missing 20 years ago was not their son Pinku at all.

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So the villagers called the police. Told the whole story. He also told how he cheated them and took some money, mobile phone etc. from them. In fact, many relatives of the missing Pinku, out of emotion, gave him thousands of rupees just like that. Now, while tracing the location of Jogi’s mobile phone, Amethi police reached Tikariya village in Gonda district of UP, where they came to know that the boy was none other than a top class thug Nafees, whose entire family roamed around like this. He goes around and cheats people. Unfortunately, the police did not find Nafees here, but his truth definitely came in front of the police. The police is searching for him.

With this, the police are now getting to know such stories about these robbers that even the police themselves are surprised as to how this could happen? This is not the first time that Nafees and his gang have neither cheated nor killed anyone, but before this they have defrauded people by posing as jogis at countless places across the country. Like Amethi, incidents of fraud have also come to light in Palamu in Jharkhand, Darbhanga in Bihar and Mirzapur in UP. The interesting thing is that at all these places the person trying to deceive people is the same. He reaches everywhere under different names and identities. He tries to defraud people of money by pretending to be their estranged son.

When the police started investigating the case after the expose of Nafees, a resident of Gonda, who had come to Amethi disguised as Pinku, it came to light that he had already committed similar fraud by roaming around in different places. In the year 2021, the same Nafees once went to Palamu, where he lured him by pretending to be Abhimanyu Kumar, who had gone missing from home years ago and cheated him of Rs 2.5 lakh in cash, several tola Sonu and other expensive things and ran away. Nafees reached the house of a Muslim family in Khirma village of Darmbhaga, whose son Iftekhar had left for Delhi in 2001. After that he disappeared. Here also Nafees had described himself as his missing son Iftekhar.

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Mohd. Khirma village of Darbhanga. Shaukat, whose house the great thug Nafees had arrived as son.

After this, he told the story of his becoming a jogi. The family members became emotional considering Nafees to be Iftekhar and after this Nafees also tried to cheat lakhs of rupees from them in the name of paying dakshina to his guru for returning home, but then he ran away due to fear of being exposed. Like Darbhanga, a brother of this Nafees, Rashid, had reached Sahaspur village of Mirzapur in 2021, where he introduced himself as Annu, the absconding son of Buddhiram Vishwakarma and cheated about Rs 1.5 lakh. Then a case was also registered against Rashid and his brother Nafees. In fact, the family and village people of Nafees, resident of Tikariya village of Gonda, have been engaged in such fraud work for years.

These people first collect information about missing people and then do recce of their houses. After this, they reach their house with false identity. After this, people are made emotional by singing emotional songs to the tune of Sarangi. Parents and relatives often get deceived by listening to their songs and false stories. In order to get a piece of their liver, they sell their homes and are ready to pay any price. But now after the Amethi case, his secret has been exposed. The police is after them. UP Police claims that he will be arrested very soon and put behind the bars. But it is also very important to find out how many people are involved in this network of fraud.

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