Modi is also a ‘winner’ in foreign policy, the meaning of the return of death row Navy officers to their home country – Modi winner in foreign relations too release of Indian Navy officers by Qatar is a proof opns2

The freedom of 8 Indians convicted for spying in Qatar shows how India’s voice is speaking in world diplomacy. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, some work related to foreign policy has been done which makes him a foreign enemy. We will talk about those issues that have become a challenge for India on foreign soil later, but first let us express our satisfaction over the return of those 8 Indian Navy officers from Qatar, who were sentenced to death there in October last year.

If we look at the history of India, it would seem that it was impossible for the 8 Navy officers to return. After independence, in a country like Pakistan, many innocent citizens of India had to spend their entire life in cells and many were crucified. Governments only continued to express opposition. In April last year, Mallikarjun Kharge had written in his tweet, India and Qatar are celebrating the 50th year of diplomatic relations in 2023. Apart from this, Indians have the largest expatriate community in Qatar. Kharge wrote that Prime Minister Modi sent FIFA World Cup greetings to his counterpart in Qatar, but did not intervene to save the precious lives of our brave men. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh had also alleged that the Prime Minister was not showing enthusiasm in putting pressure on Qatar because Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund is a major investor in Adani Electricity, Mumbai. Is that why the families of jailed former Navy personnel are running from pillar to post for answers? The Central Government should explain why former Navy personnel are being treated this way. Today Kharge and Jairam Ramesh must be feeling embarrassed about their words.

1- Release of Navy officers, proof of strong political will

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was making efforts from his level for the release of 8 Navy officers. In December last year, he had met Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamd Al-Thani on the sidelines of the COP 28 conference held in Dubai. Referring to this meeting, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal also said that there was a good discussion between the two regarding bilateral relations.
An important agreement was signed between the two countries. Under this agreement, India will buy liquefied natural gas from Qatar. This agreement has been signed by India’s Petronet LNG Limited Company with the Qatari government company. In fact, when the government makes such agreements, many other decisive decisions are taken before and after it. . This shows that if the government shows strong will for any work, then what kind of work is not possible?

2- Canada left alone by making Nijjar an issue

Even President Justin Trudeau must be repenting today by putting India in the dock for the unsolved murder of a Khalistani fundamentalist in Canada. Trudeau had played a bold move to brighten domestic politics, but due to India’s tremendous counter-diplomacy, this country People now see it as a haven for extremists. Not only this, after this incident Canada has started being compared with Pakistan. Due to his support of pro-Khalistan Sikh terrorists, Trudeau is being viewed with suspicion in his own country. In response to Canada’s allegations and expulsion of the Indian diplomat, India had also ordered the Canadian diplomat to leave the country and closed the visa service for Canadian citizens.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to spend his precious time gathering support for his false allegation at the United Nations. Canadian officials had said that he met the leaders of Kenya, Chile, Italy, Germany and the European Union and asked them to Tried to bring him along with us in the dispute. But none of the countries with whom Canadian officials met made any mention of the dispute between Canada and India.

Trudeau was heavily criticized in the Canadian media. This was the reason why there was no improvement in his political position amid the decline in election figures. National Post, a leading Canadian daily, had said in an editorial that it is important to remember that Trudeau’s allegation has not yet been proven.

3- Pakistan is silent forever-

Pakistan, which carried out the Pulwama attack before the last elections, is now crying tears of blood. The morale was so broken due to Balakot surgical strike that Pakistan again did not dare to look towards India. The Modi government left Pakistan speechless by canceling Article 370 related to Jammu and Kashmir. Imran Khan, who wanted to become the Safir (ambassador) of Kashmir, is in jail. Pakistan Army is now making peace with India through the back door. Cease fire agreement is being followed on LOC. Pakistan is being criticized all over the world for Balochistan. Afghanistan is also showing its eyes to him every day. ,

4- India showed its strength in the world by buying oil from Russia, which was banned by western countries.

India adopted its most successful diplomacy till date on Russia-Ukraine war. By purchasing oil from Russia, on which Western countries had imposed sanctions, India presented an example of powerful neutrality to the world. This policy has been discussed a lot in India’s neighboring country Pakistan, where the leaders feel bad about everything about India. Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan praised India on this issue on many occasions. Imran has been encouraging his country’s leaders to adopt Modi’s diplomacy. He kept saying again and again how India has become the darling of both Russia and the Western countries. India is making money by buying oil from Russia and selling it to western countries and is also controlling inflation in the country.

From April 2022 to January 2023, the export of refined petroleum from India to Europe had increased to 11.6 million tonnes. The European Union had reached the top among the 20 regions that import refined petrol products from India. 22 percent of India’s refined petroleum products exports were sent to Europe alone. Despite sanctions imposed by America and Europe, India is buying huge quantities of crude oil from Russia at discounted prices. Before the Russia-Ukraine war, the share of Russian oil in India was only one percent. But in one year i.e. by February 2023, it had reached 35 percent.

5- The world followed India’s stand in Israel-Hamas attack

On Israel’s forceful military action on the Gaza Strip, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had said that India’s stand on the Hamas attack on Israel is clear, India sees it as a terrorist attack. He said, ‘As far as Palestine is concerned, India has always advocated the establishment of a sovereign and independent state for Palestinians living within the recognized borders through negotiations.’ Most of the countries in the world have taken the same approach as India. Used to be.

India was absent during the voting on the resolution presented by Jordan in the United Nations General Assembly to immediately implement a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas on humanitarian grounds. 120 countries voted in support of this proposal and 14 countries voted against it. Like India, 45 countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Tunisia, Ukraine and Britain remained absent. It was India’s diplomatic astuteness that it neither allowed the Arab countries to get angry nor allowed Israel to distance itself from itself.

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