Beating of tribal youth in MP: Accused of arresting another person instead of the accused, victim filed affidavit in court – Betul police were accused of arresting another person instead of the accused In the case of beating of tribal youth lcln

A new twist has emerged in the case of beating of a tribal youth in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. The victim has filed an affidavit in the court. It is alleged that the arrest of an accused was wrong. Instead of the person whose name was mentioned in the FIR, the police has arrested someone else. The police arrested two accused and presented them in the special court, from where both of them got bail.

Actually, tribal youth Raj Uike was beaten up in Betul on Saturday night. The video of the incident also went viral. In this case, the police had registered a case against three named accused. Two of these accused, Chanchal Singh Rajput and Chandan Sardar, were arrested and presented in the special court on Monday, where both were released on bail.

A new twist has come in this matter. Kalash Dixit, lawyer of accused Chandan Sardar, has accused the police that the police has arrested Chandan Singh Bagga. While he was not involved in the incident. When the incident happened, he was at his home with his family.

Kalash Dixit says that the victim Raj Uike has filed an affidavit in the court. In which it is written that a report was lodged with the police in the name of Chandan Sardar. But the one who has been arrested is not the said Chandan. This affidavit has raised questions on the functioning of the police.

The accused said, he got the signature done by force

Accused Chandan Singh Bagga, who was released on bail, says that the Kotwali staff came to call me and forcefully made me sign, I have nothing to do with this case. The complainant has also said that I have nothing to do with this case, yet the police have arrested me by making a false case against me. The complainant is a friend of my son. I am a dhaba operator.

lawyer’s statement

Chandan Singh’s lawyer Kalash Dixit says that the complainant had appeared in the court and he gave an affidavit that the person present in the court is not the same person. The police did not even get the complainant identified. My accused has nothing to do with the incident. He was at home with his family at the time of the incident.

SP justified the arrest

Regarding the allegations against the police, Betul SP Siddharth Chaudhary says that a named FIR was registered. Chandan Sardar and another accused Chanchal Singh Rajput were arrested and both were produced in the court. Both have also been granted bail. Police investigation is still ongoing. The police will investigate with the evidence. Only after that we will be able to say something.

The matter which had gained momentum on Sunday evening, has taken a new turn by Monday evening. Allegations were leveled against the police action. Meanwhile, the victim appeared in the court and submitted an affidavit. However, the victim youth Raj Uike did not come before the media. Now it remains to be seen whether accused Chandan Sardar was involved in the incident or not? This will come to light after investigation.

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