Ambikapur News: Dr. Bhagirathi gave a new message to the society, the dead body will be useful in medical science.

Ambikapur News: President Awarded teacher Dr. Bhagirathi Gauraha (Sakri Wale), who dedicated his life to education, health, social service and religious activities in North Chhattisgarh, is no more. He breathed his last on Monday morning.

By Asim Sen Gupta

Published Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2024 12:04 AM (IST)

Updated Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2024 12:04 AM (IST)

Naiduniya representative Ambikapur. President Awarded teacher Dr. Bhagirathi Gauraha (Sakriwale), who dedicated his life to education, health, social service and religious activities in North Chhattisgarh, is no more. He breathed his last on Monday morning. As per his wish, the mortal remains were donated to the Medical College, Ambikapur. Dr. Gauraha’s mortal remains will now be used for medical science. People from every section of the city, from his residence to the medical college, reached today to pay tribute to Bhagwatcharya Dr Gauraha.

Dr. Bhagirathi Gauraha came to tribal dominated North Chhattisgarh in 1964. There was lack of facilities here during that time. Dr. Bhagirathi Gauraha, who came from Bilaspur to serve as a teacher in Surguja, stayed here. He dedicated his life for the betterment of the people of this area. After serving for a few years in Sitapur, he was transferred to the Multipurpose School in Ambikapur. Here for years he was known as a disciplinarian teacher as an NCC officer. Under his guidance, many students have earned fame in different fields today. After serving in the Multipurpose School, he was transferred to Silphili.

In this area also he continued his campaign for education and land improvement. In view of his contribution in the advancement of children in tribal areas by awakening the flame of education with dedication, he was honored with the President’s Teacher Award in the year 1990. Dr. Gauraha was such a personality who had amazing radiance on his face. Smiling face, tall height and sweet speech were his identity. His personality impressed us at first sight. Even after retiring from government service in 1997-98, he contributed in the field of social service on an unpaid basis. It was his habit to help the needy through the Red Cross Society. Even the then administrative officers respected his thinking and spirit of service. Any major administrative work for social welfare was not possible without Dr. Gauraha. Before independence, Dr. Bhagirathi Gauraha, born in 1938, was 87 years old. He was unwell for some time. He had many times overcome health problems due to old age. As soon as the news of his demise broke on Monday morning, people from all sections of the society reached his residence. Everyone paid emotional tribute to him. His body was donated to the medical college in the afternoon. After his death, his body will also be used in preparing doctors.

Wife also donated organs

Dr. Bhagirathi Gauraha was a great scholar. His language style was amazing. His wife died in the year 1980. He was admitted to a hospital in Delhi due to brain tumor. His wife had donated organs at a time when there was a lack of awareness regarding organ donation. At the same time, probably Dr Gauraha had also decided to donate his body. This couple has given a new message to the society.

Those who applied seven years ago were standing today to receive their bodies.

He had decided to donate his body in the year 2017. During that time he had gone to SIMS Hospital in Bilaspur and applied. At that time Dr. Arya was posted in the Anatomy Department of SIMS. He was the one who completed the process of his application. Today, Dr. Arya is the HOD of the Anatomy Department of Ambikapur Medical College. On the information of Dr. Gauraha’s death, an ambulance was sent from the Medical College. Relatives and acquaintances took his mortal remains to the hospital in the ambulance. Here Dr. Murthy recognized the dead body as soon as he saw it. Remembered the old days and paid tribute.

Donation received in Bhagwat was presented to virgin girls.

Dr. Bhagirathi was also knowledgeable about Gauraha Bhagwat. He also got fame as Bhagwatacharya in Sargujanchal. His way of presenting Bhagwat in simple local dialect was so amazing that for years he was invited from one village to another. He preached on Bhagwat at hundreds of places. This gave him a different fame. During this period, he never kept with himself whatever donation he received from the devotees. All were given as gifts to the virgin girls around the venue. He has a full family of three daughters and one son.

Know Dr. Bhagirathi Gaurah

0 Contribution in spreading education in tribal area along with Saint Gahira Guru.

0 Established an old age home in Surguja and served as an unpaid manager for years.

Helped needy people for years through Red Cross Society.

Apart from blood bank, contribution to life line medical camp.

0 Public awareness to remove social evils. Team of youth dedicated to serving the country through NCC.

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