There will be no water shortage in Indore, arrangements will be made till June next year only.

Indore (Naiduniya representative). In this May-June, many areas of Indore were facing water shortage. Our ponds had dried up and their bottoms were visible. Such news had started getting headlines in the newspapers that water tankers were running in many colonies of the city and the situation regarding water was getting dire. But now after a few weeks the situation has completely changed. The clouds have showered such blessings on Indore that all our ponds have got a lot of water. The throat of the earth is no longer thirsty and water crops have grown in the ponds. The situation is so pleasant that this time in the month of July, the ponds will be filled with so much water that water will be arranged for the next year till June (2024). Come let’s find out which pond’s stomach is full.

In the period of heavy rains, there is a relief news for the residents that water has started reaching the channels in all the major ponds which supply water in Indore. All the ponds are more than half full. Yashwant Sagar, which plays an important role in water distribution in the colonies of western Indore, is almost 90 percent full. In the past, the excess water had to be shed by opening its doors. The big Bilawali pond is also filled around 72 percent. The small Sirpur pond is full and flaunting.

improved the health of the borings

There is still more than two months left for the rainy season to end. In such a situation, there is full hope that water will be arranged till next June in July itself. The need is now to save this water. Due to the filling of water in the ponds, the health of the boring of dozens of colonies around these ponds has also improved. Water has entered them. Please tell that due to the filling of water in the ponds, the effect is seen in the surrounding two km area.

Bilawali and Piplyapala ponds were built 125 years ago

Bilawali and Pipalyapala ponds were constructed about 125 years ago. At that time Pipalyapala had its own separate water catchment area. For the purpose of stopping maximum water, Bilawali pond was connected to Pipalyapala pond by making a canal. Similarly, to save water in the western region, Bada Sirpur Talab was built.

Indore gets 30 MLD water from Yashwant Sagar.

The Yashwant Sagar Dam was built with the aim of meeting the water requirement of Indore. In the year 1934, Yashwantrao Holkar started the construction of this dam on the Gambhir river in the western region, about 14 miles away from Indore. At present, about 30 MLD water is supplied to the city from Yashwant Sagar. Yashwant Sagar’s plan was completed in the year 1939. 73 lakh rupees were spent on this. The specialty of Yashwant Sagar is the siphons installed here. Here automatic siphons have been installed to drain out the excess water. Due to the rapid flow of water, a smoke-like situation is created. The view becomes panoramic when the siphon opens during the rainy season. Even today, a large number of people from the city and surrounding rural areas reach here to see it. Water is pumped from Yashwant Sagar to Devdharam Tekri. Here this water is distributed in the city after filtering.

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