The woman did not have cold and fever for seven years, people were also surprised to see the miracle of walking barefoot. Woman walking without footwear claims she is healthy shares some benefits


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Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 18:13 [IST]

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It is said that being close to nature saves us from many kinds of problems. This is also true to a large extent. A woman has been living barefoot for the last seven years. The woman claims that by doing this she never got cold or fever or any minor illness.

This woman claims that since she stopped wearing shoes and slippers, she neither got cold nor cold. The woman is engaged in inspiring other people to do the same.

  walk without footwear

Let us tell that since the time English woman Katrina Shenston came to India, her attitude has changed. Here she saw many people without slippers or shoes, so she also decided that she too would remain like that. The woman said that a decision of not wearing shoes and slippers changed her life.

The woman had many health problems earlier. But ever since I stopped wearing shoes and slippers, there has been no problem since then. The woman said that you will be surprised to know that I have not got cold till date. The closer you are to the earth, the better your immune system will be.

If a report in Daily Mail is to be believed, the woman has inspired others to do the same. But this woman named Katrina has many complaints. The woman says that whenever she goes out without shoes or slippers, people look at her with strange eyes. They think I am poor. Many times people even asked to give me shoes.

But I explained to him that I like to live like this. I like to walk barefoot. Similarly, I also started going to the gym without shoes and slippers, but the gym people asked me to wear sports shoes. I told them too but I know they will not allow me to do so. However, I am sure that gradually people will also come to know about its benefits. I am not worried about anything now.

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Woman walking without footwear claims she is healthy shares some benefits

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