Sarkari Darbari Column Indore: Daura Jhabua’s bouquet and dryfruits of Indore

Sarkari Darbari Column Indore: Jitendra Yadav, Indore (Naiduniya). This is called bureaucracy. You are a big officer and if you don’t show it then what is the point? The anecdote is that under the School Chale Hum Abhiyan, the state government had recently sent Principal Secretary and Secretary level officers to teach in one of the government schools in different districts of the state. As per the schedule, Commissioner of Women and Child Development Department Ramrao Bhonsle reached Jhabua from capital Bhopal. When he was passing through the Indore bypass, the Indore officials of the department arrived for his sir with a huge bouquet, dryfruits and snacks for the way. It is said that whenever the commissioner goes to any district from this side, the message is sent only to the officers of Indore for service.

Government should give some importance to these letters

Once upon a time, letters were written to know and inform about one’s well-being. But in the era of internet media, the forms of letters have changed. Now mail and messages reach in a jiffy. Those 186 farmers of Indore district should probably be thankful to the leaders that even in this modern age of information system, state government minister Tulsi Silavat and MP Shankar Lalwani have written letters to the state government for them. It has been written that in the year 2019, this farmer has become a victim of fraud by selling wheat to five business firms of the Khandelwal family of Indore. Even after four years, the farmers have not received Rs.1.35 crore for their produce. It seems, either the letters are light or the government doesn’t care about these letters.

‘Experiments of untruth’ in Gandhi Nagar

One is Gandhi Nagar Housing Cooperative Society. Years ago the institution was named after Mahatma Gandhi, but many land scams are taking place in this institution. Hundreds of complaints have reached the Administration and Cooperative Department, but not a single one has gone far. Gandhiji had written a book – Experiments with Truth. But the experiments of untruth are going on in this organization named after Gandhi. Along with the functionaries of the organization, the cooperative department is also involved. The MP Cooperative Election Authority has appointed Naib Tehsildar Lokesh Ahuja as the registration officer for the institution’s election, while Ahuja has been shifted to Gwalior months ago. Means it was not even rectified in the proposal sent from Indore. Now the new name will go and the elections will be held later. All this seems to be a part of the conspiracy to advance the elections.

Spark of political protest in Mhow BJP

The spark of political opposition is burning in Mhow BJP. This time, the way senior local BJP leaders are opposing the outside candidate, it does not seem that the fire is going to cool down till the elections. Recently, a post by local candidates surfaced on internet media and the stir increased further. Some names also came up in the discussion. We know that some time ago, the pain of the leaders of Mhow came to the fore in front of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar who came to meet the old workers and angry senior leaders. It was said that this time the local leaders will not tolerate the candidates from outside the Mhow region. Only BJP leaders like Ashok Somani, Radheshyam Yadav, Ramkishore Shukla of Mhow region should know what is the reality of this protest?

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