Israel protests: Netanyahu changed the bill in Israel, thousands of people including doctors took to the streets. Israel judicial reform: Protesters clash with police, doctors announce strike


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Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 19:06 [IST]

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Protests have intensified following the passage of a portion of judicial reform in Israel’s parliament. Since then, doctors and lawyers in Israel have intensified protests.

The Israeli Medical Association, which represents about 95 percent of doctors, said it would hold a 24-hour protest in Jerusalem. During this time all other medical facilities except emergency care will remain closed. Health Minister Moshe Arbel has reportedly sought an injunction to prevent the doctors’ strike from proceeding.

israel passed new bill

Despite the protests that have been going on for more than 6 months, on Monday, a significant part of the judicial reform bill was passed in the Israeli Parliament. During the voting on the bill on Monday, all 56 members of the opposition boycotted it. The bill then passed by a vote of 64-0.

Earlier this year, the Israeli government had said about the new law that it is part of its judicial reform plan. Under the new legal change, now the Supreme Court in Israel will not be able to reject any decision of the government as wrong.

The Netanyahu government, on repealing the old law and bringing in the new law, says that the judiciary interferes excessively in the work of the legislature. This reform was necessary to eliminate the biased attitude of the judiciary.

According to the government, the way judges are appointed is not a democratic process. In such a situation, the Supreme Court should not have the right to cancel the decisions for the government. Those who are opposing this decision of the government say that the judicial system will be weakened by the new law, due to which the country’s democracy will become hollow.

Some people also allege that the new law has been brought to save PM Netanyahu. There are many serious cases related to corruption going on in the PM.

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Israel judicial reform: Protesters clash with police, doctors announce strike

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