Anju Nasrullah Nikah : Anju Become Fatima In Pakistan Get Married To Nasrullah Converted To Islam Reports Claims

Islamabad : The story of India’s Anju and Pakistan’s Nasrullah is taking big turns every moment. The biggest twist so far came in this on Tuesday. Pakistani media claimed that Anju has converted to Islam and has now become ‘Fatima’. Along with this, he and Nasrullah have also married in the court. Nasrullah denied these claims but Pakistan’s police and journalists are confirming this marriage. A Nikahnama certificate has also surfaced, though it is yet to be confirmed. A ‘romantic’ video of the two has also surfaced amid marriage claims and Nasrullah’s denial.

A Pakistani journalist has confirmed the marriage of Anju and Nasrullah in a conversation with ‘Aaj Tak’. He told that Anju first converted to Islam and then reached the court and got married in the presence of witnesses and this has been confirmed by the police itself. He told that now Anju’s name has become Fatima. He was asked that Anju is already married and has not even been divorced, so is this marriage possible?

India’s Anju went to Pakistan, converted to Islam, became Fatima, married Nasrullah? watch video

Will Anju return to India?

The journalist replied, “According to the law, if the marriage is already there, then the second marriage cannot happen, but if the girl of another religion accepts Islam, then the marriage can happen.” He said that Anju had said that she would go back after three days but why both of them suddenly took this decision, only Anju and Nasrullah would be able to tell. He also expressed doubts over Anju’s return to India. He was asked what could be the reason behind Anju and Nasrullah turning around in the beginning?

Why were Anju and Fatima lying?

In response, the Pakistani journalist said, ‘Only Anju and Nasrullah can give the exact answer to this, but it is possible that both of them must be taking legal advice, in which they came to know that if Anju accepts Islam, then this marriage can happen.’ On the other hand, Nasrullah has denied the news of his marriage to Anju. He says that both of them appeared before the court because they are feeling threatened. ‘Anju is a foreigner and can be attacked anytime.’

Anju Pakistan News: Local people are calling Anju as daughter-in-law in Pakistan

Nasrullah said – not love but ready for marriage

In a conversation with the news channel, Nasrullah said that Anju is his ‘best friend’ and has not converted to Islam. The news of marriage are rumours. Nasrullah said that if Anju wants then he will marry her, if she does not want then marriage will not happen. But do you love Anju, Nasrullah said ‘no’ in response to this question. A video of Anju and Nasrullah calling each other ‘friends’ has also surfaced, which has been specially shot in a romantic style in a professional manner.

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