11 MLAs of Karnataka have now written a letter against the ministers to CM Siddaramaiah, know what is the complaint. 11 MLAs of Karnataka wrote a letter to CM Siddaramaiah against the ministers, saying they are not able to work because of them


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Updated: Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 20:06 [IST]

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The Congress government, which came to power after a landslide victory in the Karnataka assembly elections, is not taking the name of reducing the difficulties of the government. Now 11 MLAs of the state have complained against the ministers to the Chief Minister of the state, Siddaramaiah.

11 sitting MLAs of Karnataka have written a letter to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah informing them about the problems they are facing in work. He has complained that he is unable to do any work in his constituency. We are not able to fulfill the expectations of the people of our area because the ministers in the cabinet are not cooperating.


Complaint has been made against 20 ministers

The 11 MLAs from Karnataka include Congress MLA from Gulbarga district BR Patil and 11 others. In this letter, 11 MLAs have written to the CM that we are unable to work according to the beliefs of the people. More than 20 Ministers are not responding regarding the work of our constituency. The MLAs alleged that they have to contact third person to send the message regarding the work of their constituency to the Minister.

Because of the ministers, we are failing on the expectations of the people.

The legislators said that due to this attitude of the ministers, the aspirations of the people are not being fulfilled. When we have to talk about money for a project with a minister, then the minister sends us a message through a third person.

Expressing anger over this behavior of the ministers, the MLAs said that even though we are MLAs in our area, we have to contact a third person for our work.

Officers also complained

In the complaint made to the Karnataka CM, it has also been said that his recommendations for transfer of officers are not taken seriously. The letters we have given for the transfer of officers are not being heard. He told that none of the officers in his area are listening to him. Along with this, these 11 MLAs have requested the CM to intervene immediately.

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11 MLAs of Karnataka wrote a letter to CM Siddaramaiah against the ministers, saying they are not able to work because of them


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