MP Weather Update: Rain and hail damage crops in many areas of Madhya Pradesh, 8 people died due to lightning

MP Weather Update: Bhopal (Team Naiduniya). In the month of March, a monsoon-like atmosphere has developed in Madhya Pradesh. Presently six weather systems are active at different places. The clouds are covered by their influence. Along with this, there was rain along with strong winds in many areas. Eight people were killed in Dhar, Narmadapuram, Sagar, Betul, Raisen and Ashoknagar districts due to lightning.

Two killed, five seriously injured due to lightning in Raisen district

Two people died and five people were injured due to lightning strikes at different places in Garatganj tehsil area of ​​Raisen district. A seriously injured has been referred to the district hospital after first aid at Garatganj Hospital. Bad weather for the past few days wreaked havoc on seven people on Saturday. Rajpura resident Pappu Sahu Atmaj Harcharan Sahu aged 23 years and Sodarpur resident Indrajit Atmaj Chandrahara Vishwakarma 24 years died due to lightning in the midst of bad weather. Apart from this, Sushil Atmaj Harcharan Sahu, 28, resident of Rajpura and Ajay Atmaj Dhansingh Rackwar, 22, resident of Sodarpur, Deepak Adivasi, Atmaj Leeladhar, 25, Chhotu Rackwar, Atmaj Guddu, 18, were injured. Budhulal Atmaj Bhogilal Khangar, 45, was referred to Raisen due to his critical condition.

Lightning struck while working on the farm

On receiving information about the incident, Tehsildar Rakesh Shukla reached the hospital to inquire about the condition of the injured. Station in-charge Mahesh Tandekar said that the deceased and the injured were working on their fields at around 4 pm. Then suddenly lightning started. This incident happened due to lightning falling there. On getting the information, the injured were brought to Garatganj Hospital. Where two people were declared dead. The seriously injured were referred to the district hospital. Tehsildar Shukla says that assistance amount will be given to the dead and injured as per rules.

Unseasonal rain increased trouble in Dhar district, one woman died due to lightning

According to the Dhar representative, unseasonal rain accompanied by thunder and lightning on Friday evening has added to the woes of the farmers. At the same time, 33-year-old woman Meerabai wife Bharat, a resident of Majre Bandiyabagh of Gram Panchayat Shambhupada, died due to lightning. Both husband and wife were working on the farm. When the drizzle of rain started, both of them started coming home. The husband went some distance ahead. Then lightning struck the woman coming behind and she died on the spot. Later, the woman was brought to the Civil Hospital by 108 ambulance. Where the duty doctor declared him dead after examining him. On the information of the hospital, the police established a marg. On coming to know, Tehsildar Ajmersingh Gaur also reached the hospital and after supplying the necessary paperwork, assured the family that financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh would be given immediately by the government. Five thousand rupees will also be given for the last rites. The postmortem of the woman will be done on Saturday morning.

Damage to crops kept in the barn and standing in the fields

On the other hand, there is a possibility of damage to the crops kept in the fields and the crops standing in the fields due to rain. The garlic kept by the traders near the shed in the vegetable market got wet. Traders are facing the brunt of the contractor’s slow pace of construction of dome high rise shed. Here the farmers who brought their produce in vehicles for sale in the mandi had to struggle a lot to protect them from the rain. Due to the rains, there has been mud in the fields, due to which there was a disturbance in harvesting.

Ratlam received 15 mm of rain

From 8.30 am to 5.30 pm on Friday, 15 mm of rain was recorded in Ratlam, three in Raisen, one in Narsinghpur, 0.6 mm in Ujjain, 0.1 mm in Narmadapuram. Drizzle occurred in Jabalpur, Bhopal and Malajkhand. Heavy damage is expected to the crops standing and cut in the fields due to unseasonal storm and water.

The standing crops in the fields got stuck

The weather remained bad throughout the day in the Malwa-Nimar region of the state. Since morning, there was light rain at some places including Jhabua, Ratlam, Mandsaur. At the same time, it rained in the afternoon at some places including Alirajpur. Hail also fell at some places. Due to this, where the crops standing in the fields got stuck, the cut crops got wet.

Hail spread on the roads in Gwalior and Chambal region

Gwalior- There was hailstorm on Friday afternoon in rural areas of Shivpuri, Datia and Gwalior of Chambal zone. At many places, the hail that fell for about 15 minutes covered the roads. For the past one week, the deteriorating weather at short intervals has increased the losses of the farmers. Agricultural scientist Dr. MK Bhargava says that at this time hailstorm is very harmful for the crop. Mustard crops including lentils, coriander are standing or cut in the fields of farmers, in which damage is expected.

Two people died in Itarsi area, more than 60 goats also died

Itarsi / Betul. Incidents of lightning occurred in Jhunkar village of tribal development block Kesla and Jamundhana village of Betul, in which two people died and more than 60 goats also died. The goats were in the forest for grazing, when lightning struck and killed all the goats.

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