Milk Cess on Liquor: What is the unique milk tax on liquor bottle in Himachal? Understand the maths of the budget – himachal pradesh budget 2023 milk cess of 10 rupees on liquor know about unique milk tax

Shimla: Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu government in Himachal Pradesh has made many big announcements in the budget (Himachal Pradesh Budget 2023). Scooty Subsidy for girls has been announced for girl students. At the same time, the increase in honorarium (MNREGA) of Panchayat representatives and MNREGA workers is also one of them. There is one more announcement in the Sukhvinder Sukhu First Budget of the Sukhu government, which is being discussed. This is milk cess on liquor. Let us explain to you what is this unique tax and how it can benefit the government and the public.

Cess of Rs 10 per bottle will be used here
Himachal’s Sukhu government has imposed a milk cess of Rs 10 per bottle on liquor sold in the state, which will fetch about Rs 100 crore per year. This amount will be used to increase the income of milk producers. The amount from milk cess will be spent on a plan to buy 10 liters of milk every day from cow-buffalo farmers. This will benefit the government as well as the milk producers. The government has imposed this milk cess on English-country liquor, beer and wine. Apart from this, a cess of Rs 2.50 per bottle will be charged for the Godhan Development Fund. Cess tax and excise of Rs 1.50 per bottle will be taken in the name of development fund.

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Evening bottle expensive, morning milk cheaper: CM Sukhu
Announcing this in the assembly, CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that we have brought a policy which reflects our culture. We say that those who sit down to drink (liquor) in the evening, should drink milk in the morning. He said that now the evening bottle will be expensive and the morning milk will be cheaper.

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Liquor contracts will be auctioned again after 5 years
Liquor will be costlier in Himachal Pradesh from April 1, 2023. The Sukhu government has also decided to auction liquor contracts again after five years. The government will now auction liquor contracts at 15 to 20 per cent higher price. The government has now also decided to impose milk cess on liquor. Due to which liquor will now become expensive in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Budget: Bad news for alcohol lovers in Himachal, liquor will be expensive, Sukhu government imposed milk cess
10 big things of the budget

  1. Orphaned children of the state will be called children of the state. An amount of Rs 101 crore will be given for them. Sukh Ashray Yojana has been made for these children.
  2. The state government will give Rs 25,000 as a grant to school and college girl students to buy scooties. 20000 girl students of Himachal Pradesh will get benefited.
  3. Bachpan Surakshit Abhiyan will be launched, under which people of the state, especially children, will be made aware about the POCSO Act.
  4. In HRTC, 1500 diesel buses will be converted to electric buses in a phased manner.
  5. A new horticulture policy will be brought in to increase the income of the horticulturists. Online facility will be made available for procurement at minimum support price.
  6. In order to encourage fish farming, a detailed action plan is being prepared for the farmers through new techniques in the state. Fisheries center will be constructed in 20 hectares.
  7. 50 Him Era shops will be opened for women working in self help groups of Himachal Pradesh.
  8. The honorarium of Panchayat representatives has been increased in the state. The honorarium of Anganwadi, Asha worker, mid-day meal worker, water carrier worker, out source, tailoring teachers was increased by Rs.500.
  9. The daughter will also have the right in the ancestral property, the state government amended the Land Ceiling Act of 1972.
  10. Mukhyamantri Rozgar Sankalp Yojana will be brought in the state to increase the employment of the youth.

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