Interview: Conversation on various topics with actress Rekha Singh of Dhruv Tara serial

TV actress Rekha Singh said that in the world of acting one has to struggle every moment. Look, is acting a fixed job or just clear one exam and be set for life? The artist has to go through audition for each project and role.

Model, dancer and actress Rekha Singh, who is spreading her acting skills in Sony-SAB TV’s new serial ‘Dhruv Tara’, is known for her typical desipan. He likes grassroots and village level roles. In this serial too, she is in the role of a village woman. Even before this, he has attracted the attention of the audience by doing excellent work in all the TV serials. Dr. Ramesh Thakur had a detailed conversation with Rekha Singh on her struggle journey in Mayanagari, here are the main parts of the conversation.

Question: Tell us about your role in the serial ‘Dhruv Tara’ which is currently airing on Sony-SAB TV?

Answer- ‘Dhruv-Tara’ is a great subject which is being liked by the audience a lot. Humor, satire, family stories etc. will be seen. My role in the serial is that of a village woman. It is a very positive character, which I am having a lot of fun playing, because this character smells of the village. Actually, I like the character. Our society still lives in the villages, the people of the metropolis have gone away from the customs and culture of the villages. Efforts are being made to show him in the serial.

Q: How was your struggle in the industry and what were the challenges you faced?

Answer- Look, every now a days there is competition in the field. There is no simplicity and no one succeeds by shortcuts. There is fierce competition in the film industry now than ever before. The work is less and the crowd is more. But those who make continuous efforts, do not succumb to the struggles, but face them with courage, they get success in any situation. To get success, one should not compromise with his self-respect. Those who deviate from their original objectives find it very difficult to survive in the industry.

Q: What does an artist need to survive in Mayanagari?

Answer- Courage and self-confidence should never be allowed to break. Because there is a struggle every moment. Look, is acting a fixed job or just clear one exam and be set for life? The artist has to go through audition for each project and role. That too not once, but many times. Then finally comes the round of selection and rejection. Obviously after the rejection, the morale of the artist breaks. However, it should not be allowed to break down, rather it should be resolved to do better by learning from it.

Q: What kind of roles do you like?

Answer- I like to do all kinds of roles. I don’t like being stuck in a particular role. Crime, suspense are my favourite. Apart from this, my identity has been more on rural based roles. When a serial is made on the bleak Indian culture, I feel from inside that the subject has been created for me only.

Q: How is the industry’s attitude towards actresses coming from small towns?

Answer- There was a dialogue in a movie that ‘Zaroori nahi raja ka hi beta raja banega, alki woh banega jo uska haqdaar hoga’ In Mayanagari no one asks anyone whether you are from a small place or a big one? Here people are concerned about their work. Talent is seen, if you are fit for their project then it is fine, otherwise you are on your way, they are on their way. Skill has always been valued and will continue to be so in the future.

Q: What is your background, where are you from?

Answer- Basically I belong to Patna Bihar. I am a theater and film-television artist by profession. Over the years people have been watching in various TV serials. The audience likes the work. Location is Mumbai. Have done course from drama school. Apart from doing research on various objects and places, he has been fond of reading and writing since childhood.

Q: What if you are asked to wear a bikini for a good role?

Answer- It depends on the subject. Clothing is not bad or bad. But, it is not bad if it is worn in a civilized way. If someone asks me to wear short clothes for roles I don’t like or for no reason in Khaali Peeli, my answer will be ‘no’. For the sake of shortcut, we should not choose such a path which will cause embarrassment to our family members and loved ones.

-Doctor. Ramesh Thakur

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