India Russia US: India can pour water on America-Russia’s ‘fire’, why Ukraine is the biggest opportunity in the midst of war, know – india can bridge the us russia divide over ukraine war says expert derek grossman on g20 presidency

Washington/Moscow: Tension between superpower America and Russia is deepening after Putin’s attack on Ukraine. America is openly sending weapons worth billions of dollars to Zelensky’s army in the Ukraine war. At the same time, a Russian fighter jet has now shot down an American spy drone over the Black Sea. This is the first time since the Cold War that Russia has destroyed America’s aircraft. After this incident, the tension between the two countries has reached its peak. Meanwhile, analysts say India has the best chance of ending the Ukraine war by acting as a bridge between the two superpowers.

Derek Grossman, a defense analyst at Rand Corporation of America, said that India has the best chance of ending the Ukraine conflict than any other country. He said that India can do this by becoming a diplomatic bridge between Russia and America. Grossman, in an article written in the Observer Research Foundation, said that India tried but failed to hold a meeting of the G-20 foreign ministers. What India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar said is worth noting. Jaishankar said, ‘We tried but the differences between different countries were too much.’
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‘India can end Ukraine war’

American analysts say that India may have failed to get a joint statement issued by the G-20 due to the ongoing dispute between the superpowers, but New Delhi is trying to play down India’s very important role in becoming a mediator between the US and Russia in the future. Should not be judged by doing. “There are strong reasons to believe that India has the best chance of bringing both sides, including Ukraine, to the negotiating table than any other country,” Grossman said. This will finally end the Ukraine war.
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Why is India’s role important?

Grossman says, ‘India has followed non-alignment in foreign policy since 1947. This certainly does not mean that even in practice India has not given preference to one country over another. Although India has not opened the doors to all. For example, India not only has good relations with Cuba, Iran and North Korea but also with their arch-rivals America, Australia, Japan and other NATO countries. He said that India can prove to be an asset during talks in the Ukraine war. India can hold talks with anyone without any conditions.

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‘India has good relations with Russia and America’

He said that another important point in India’s favor is that it has good relations with both the superpowers America and Russia which are involved in the Ukraine war. PM Modi is stressing on multilateral alliances so that instead of engaging with any superpower, relations should be strengthened with all. India hopes that this strategy will maintain the country’s strategic autonomy. That too when the competition between the superpowers is increasing. So far India has got great success in this strategy. India did not criticize the Ukraine war and now Russia has become the top supplier of cheap oil to New Delhi. Due to this the energy requirement of India is being met. On the other hand, the western countries did not oppose this move of India much. At the same time, PM Modi gave a clear message to the world by saying ‘this is not a century of war’ to Putin.

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