India is far behind, America is also lagging behind China, says us expert Michael Pillsbury

New Delhi: Bharat has a fight with a dragon. This is 100% correct. India has the ability to give a strong challenge to China in this match. This cannot be said with 100% confidence. Why so? American expert Michael Pillsbury, who has been watching each and every move of China for decades, told many such things in response to this question, knowing which you will press your finger under your teeth. He said that the talk of India is far away, today America has lagged behind China on many parameters. Michael Pillsbury, who has been an advisor to many US Presidents, said in a news channel program that China does not count its achievements, it hides them very seriously. It may sound strange, but China is doing the opposite so that the world does not start uniting against it in fear of its growing power. Pillsbury said that China is following the path shown by its ancient texts and famous thinkers and has made so much progress that it is difficult to even estimate. He frankly told that America also played a big role in making China a ‘dragon’ and it is still doing the same. It is a different matter that the desire of America is to see India defeating China.

Amazing China, even ahead of schedule!

Michael Pillsbury said that countries desirous of progress set a schedule for themselves, but China has gone faster than the schedule. He said, ‘I am surprised how fast it has left America behind on many parameters.’ Through some examples, he told how America is also flooding ahead of China’s progress. He said, ‘China has made a hypersonic missile which can hit anywhere in the world. America could not do this. He felt that China could not achieve this feat, so we did not try in this direction. China went to the moon, not America. Also, China has gone ahead of us on many fronts in the field of biotech.

Eyes on China for decades, yet experts got confused on China!

Amazed by the speed of China, the American expert said that he made two mistakes even after following China very seriously. Pillsbury said, ‘I made two mistakes regarding China. One regarding the speed of progress of China and second regarding the steps to be taken against China. I was feeling that coalitions would be formed inside America and internationally to stop China, but it did not happen. I understood that India would be the main member of this international alliance. It did not happen. No solid alliance could be formed in the world against China’s deteriorating moves. The quad was formed, about which the media says that it is for China.

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Quad also does not have stamina, understand how

So is the quad of no importance? Pillsbury says, ‘The heads of state of the four countries of the Quad, America, Australia, India and Japan, meet, their foreign ministers meet, but China is not even named in their shared statements. The four countries of the quad prevent each other from speaking anything against China in a joint statement. That is, from what I had thought, a very weak reaction is visible against China. He said that China conducted the first nuclear test in 1964. Since then, China has been saying that even though it has hundreds of nuclear weapons, it never thinks about using it, it is only for its own security. But for the last two years, China has been continuously making intercontinental missiles (ICBMs) under Strategic Breakout. A top US military official recently said that China has more ICBMs than the US.

Michael Pillsbury

American expert on Chinese affairs Michael Pilsberg.

Big difference between America’s words and actions, India is understanding everything: Expert

As far as India is concerned, China has 1,500 nuclear weapons. He said that India has kept the number of its nuclear weapons a secret. Suppose India has 100 to 200 nuclear weapons, even then China has about seven times that. Pillsbury said that many Americans have been thinking for 50-60 years that there will be a horse race between India and China. Everyone feels that India will prove to be the winner in this race. The reason is that English is spoken in India, there is a strong democracy. But the truth is that China is far ahead of India on almost all indicators. America gave modern technology to China under the agreement. Set up your companies there.

He said, ‘In this way America has given importance to China over India in the last 40 years. The Government of India is aware that the US has refused to give modern technology to India since 1974 for various reasons. That is, America may believe that India will win the horse race, but we bet on China. He said that we (America) are helping China even today. Despite Xi Jinping’s aggressiveness, American investment in China continues to grow. As a result, China today is technically four to five times more capable than India. The good thing is that this has started changing, but a lot more needs to be done.

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China has also threatened the World Bank and the IMF!

Pillsbury says Chinese experts are working on a target for the next 20 years. The goal before them is to identify what needs to be done to beat America and to make a strategy and put it on the ground. For this, China is taking the services of the World Bank. World Bank has the world’s largest office in China where 3,000 employees are working. They are advising China on how it can improve its government companies. The American expert said, ‘There was a time when there was not a single Chinese company in the Fortune 500 list, today it has overtaken America in this list with 140 companies. America has only 120 companies in Fortune 500, India has very few. Until a few years ago, it was not known how many billionaires there are in China. Three years ago, the number of Chinese billionaires was more than that of America.

Pillsbury said that the activities of the whole world including India are public. The data of India’s economic progress is well known, but China used to work secretly. It blocked the World Bank and the IMF from releasing China’s economic data. The Chinese follow their ancient texts and their teachings to the letter. His basic mantra is never let the opponent guess your strength. Pillsbury says that China has been following the path of Confucius for the last 10 years. Xi Jinping went to the village of Confucius. He says, ‘China tries to assure the world that it has nothing to fear because it does not dream of becoming the all-powerful power in the world. He says that we are only focusing on removing our poverty. Due to this if our ranking is increasing then no one should worry. Actually, China does not want the world to panic and unite against it after seeing its surprising power. China does not want big alliances to be formed against it.

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Get to Know Michael Pilsberg

Michael Pillsbury has previously been an advisor to various national US presidents. He is currently an advisor to the US Department of Defense and director of the China Strategy Department at the Hudson Institute. He has mastery over China. He has also written a famous book titled ‘The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower’.

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