h3n2 virus how it spread, H3N2 Influenza Virus: H3N2 started to scare… now death due to virus; Alert in many states including Maharashtra, Delhi – h3n2 virus rise in respiratory illness flu get serious cases in India

New Delhi: Now people are increasingly getting infected with H3N2 influenza virus in many states of the country. People of all age groups are getting infected by this flu. Especially children are getting infected more by this. The number of patients with fever, cough has increased considerably. Now death is also happening due to this virus. So far 3 people have died due to influenza subtype H3N2 in India. People are once again being appealed to wear masks. In such a situation, the question is arising whether this virus is becoming a new threat to India. An alert has been issued by the state governments. However, even now people are not wearing masks in public places. Health experts say that if you take care of yourself in the beginning, it will not have much effect. H3N2 influenza virus is entering one state after another. There is talk of early testing to detect cases of influenza virus.

One patient can make whole house ill
H3N2 is a subtype of the influenza virus. The cases of this virus have started increasing, the main symptoms of which are cough, cold, body pain etc. Doctors say that this virus is so dangerous that once it happens to someone in the house, it can infect the whole family. Health experts say that flu is being seen since the year 1989. The main ones are influenza A, B, C and D. It has several sub-groups, including H1N1. H3N2 first spread in Hong Kong in 1968 and caused massive devastation. The biggest problem with this virus is that it mutates rapidly. There is a change in the strain even after an interval of 15 to 20 days. That’s why the influenza virus vaccine is changed every year.

Two killed by H3N2 virus in Maharashtra

There have been two deaths due to influenza in Maharashtra. A 74-year-old man died of H3N2 virus. The other patient who died was infected with COVID-19 as well as influenza virus. Maharashtra Health Minister Tanaji Sawant gave this information in the assembly. He said that with 361 cases of influenza infection being reported in the state, the state health department has been put on alert and guidelines would be issued in the next two days. The minister also advised the use of masks and social distancing in crowded places.

Will masks be made mandatory in Delhi?
Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said on Friday that he has directed to conduct rapid tests to detect cases of influenza virus in the capital. Bhardwaj said that the cases of influenza virus usually subside by the end of March but, this time a large number of cases have been reported in many parts of the country. He said, people who have severe asthma or Kovid-19, they are most vulnerable to influenza. Children below five years of age and elders above 65 years of age need to take more precautions. There are not many cases in Delhi hospitals but we are alert and keeping a close watch on the situation. Bhardwaj also said that the government has no plans to make wearing masks mandatory. The focus right now is on taking precautionary measures like avoiding going to public places, washing hands frequently etc. In view of the increasing infection of H3N2 as well as corona, the Safdarjung Hospital administration has made it necessary for the patients and staff coming for treatment to wear masks. According to the circular issued by the hospital administration, all patients and staff coming to the hospital premises must wear masks.

H3N2 entry in Madhya Pradesh as well

A person has been found infected with H3N2 in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. This is the first case of this influenza in Madhya Pradesh. Health officials gave this information on Thursday. Bhopal’s Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari said that on Wednesday, a 20- to 25-year-old youth was found infected with H3N2. However, now he is not showing any symptoms of this disease. Officials told that this person is at his home located in Bairagarh area of ​​Bhopal. He was never admitted to the hospital for this disease. He had complained of cough and cold after which his sample was sent for testing. He said he is at home and is fine.

First case of H3N2 influenza detected in Assam
The first case of H3N2 influenza has been reported in Assam and the health department is closely monitoring the situation. This information has been given in an official bulletin. According to the bulletin issued by the National Health Mission, Assam, one case of H3N2 influenza has been confirmed on Wednesday night. The Health Department is closely monitoring the emerging situation of seasonal influenza in Assam through the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) network. The bulletin said that the cases of seasonal influenza are expected to decline from the end of March. It added that the District Surveillance Officers under the IDSP network are fully prepared to deal with this public health challenge in Assam in line with the guidelines prepared by the Central Government and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Children are increasingly falling prey to in UP
The H3N2 virus, a sub-variant of influenza, has started affecting children after adults. Most of the children who are affected by the virus are showing symptoms of cold and flu. However, according to pediatricians, there is no need to panic if children are ill. With careful and proper treatment, the children are recovering completely. Many cases of H3N2 virus have come in Lucknow.


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