Dhirendra Shastri vs Suhani Shah: How life changed after ‘collision’ with Dhirendra Shastri? What kind of questions do people ask? Suhani shah told – how suhani shah life changed after dhirendra shastri issue what kind of questions do people ask know what mind reader said

New Delhi: Bageshwar Dham head Acharya Dhirendra Shastri has been in headlines for the past days. There was a lot of debate about the way it was claimed that he could read people’s mind. Opinion was taken regarding them. This brought Suhani Shah into focus. His life changed. Everyone wanted to know from him how Dhirendra Shastri manages to do all this. Suhani did it on all the TV shows. Suhani Shah is an Indian Mentalist (Mindreader), Magician, Illusion Expert and YouTuber. She has been doing stage shows since the age of 7. Suhani describes mindreading as an art. It has nothing to do with divine power. He did this at the India Today Conclave on Friday as well. During this, he also told how people ask him questions. An incident was also mentioned that how a person started feeling fine after drinking the water given by him.

‘Tukka toh koi bhi laga sakta hai’ Dhirendra Shastri furious over mind reader Suhani Shah

Born in Udaipur, Suhani is from a Marwari family. He dropped out in the second grade. Then she just started fulfilling her passion. He studied at home. This happened because of traveling around the world. Suhani never took formal education. He believes that more can be learned from experiences than from school. His first stage show took place on 22 October 1997 in Ahmedabad. She has been doing stage shows since the age of seven. He has received many awards. She is also known as ‘Jadupari’.

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Suhani Shah reached India Today Conclave on Friday. He told that his life changed after the Dhirendra Shastri episode. TV channels started calling Suhani after her claim of reading people’s minds. He showed the art of mindreading on the channels. For the first time he felt that his demand had increased a lot. Everyone wanted to know his opinion. His popularity also increased on social media. People started asking him from light questions to serious questions.

What questions did people start asking?
Requests started coming to Suhani that you should read our mind and tell. He was asked – I have forgotten the password of my iPad. Take as much money as you want. Just tell me the password. Questions were also asked that my mother is in a coma, can you tell what she is thinking?

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A man was cured after drinking water from his hands.
During this, Suhani also mentioned an anecdote. Then she was 13 years old. She had reached Nashik to do a stage show. A person approached him. He said just you cure me with your magic. His condition was not very good. Suhani then uses a magic trick to ask Samanya to drink water. He felt good after drinking water. Then Suhani asked him to drink that water morning and evening. After drinking that water, he slowly recovered.

Suhani told that there was nothing like divine power in it. He was cured by his willpower. Fed up with his ill health, this person was once talking about suicide. Suhani said that she is happy that with this episode, today people have got to know about the old art form again. During this, he also showed the mind reading of many people.


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