Dal Rates in Indore: Purchase of gram and lentils on MSP will start from March 25 in Madhya Pradesh

Publish Date: | Sat, 18 Mar 2023 02:05 AM (IST)

Dal Rates in Indore: Indore (Naiduniya Representative). After a long wait, Nafed is going to start procurement of gram, lentil and mustard at MSP from March 25 in Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, the sale of gram and lentils in Madhya Pradesh has been stopped by Nafed with immediate effect.

In Rajasthan, registration for sale of wheat has been started from March 15, for mustard gram from March 25. Government procurement of wheat and mustard-gram will start from 20 March and from 1 April in Rajasthan. Keeping this in mind, there may be some strength in the prices of chana from next week due to decrease in its arrival, because these days chana is being sold below the support price (Rs.5335). Many farmers may take more interest in getting gram weighed on the support price. In such a situation, an increase of about Rs 50-100 can be seen on the current price of gram at Rs 5150-5200.

Similarly, lentils are also being sold at prices less than the support price (Rs. 6000). At the same time, with the decrease in the production of lentils in India, the prices of lentils have started increasing in Canada. In such a situation, the local markets can also see a boom when the purchase starts on the support price. On Friday, lentils increased by Rs 100 to reach Rs 5900 per quintal. Due to sporadic demand in Tuvar, the price increased by Rs. There was no change in the prices of other pulses. The rates of dollar gram 40/42 11400, 42/44 11200, 44/46 11100, 58/60 9000, 60/62 8900, 62/64 8800 rupees per quintal were spoken in the container.

price of pulses Chana Kanta 5150-5200, Vishal 4800-4900, Kabuli Bitki 6000-6500, Medium Kabuli 7200-8000, Kabuli Dollar 9000-9800, Masoor 5900, Tuvar Maharashtra White 7800-8000, Karnataka Tuvar 8000-8200, Nimari Tuvar 7100-79 , Moong 7600-8100, average 6700-7400, urad best 7000-7400, medium 5500-6600, light 3000-4000 rupees per quintal.

price of pulses Chana Dal 6400-6500 Medium 6600-6700 Best 6800-6900 Masoor Dal 7400-7500 Best 7600-7700 Moong Dal 9650-9750 Best 9850-9950 Moong Mogar 10050-10150 Best 10250-10350 Toovar Dal 80900-9080 Medium Best 10100-10300A. Best 10600-11400 Whiterose Tuvar Dal 11900 Urad Dal 8700-8800 Best 8900-9000 Urad Mogar 9600-9700 Best 9800-9900 rupees per quintal.

Price of rice Basmati (921) 11000-12000, Tibar 9000-9500, Basmati Dubar Ponia 8000-8500, Mini Dubar 7000-7500, Mogra 4000-6000, Basmati Sela 7500-9500, Black Mustache Dinnerking 8500, Rajbhog 7500, according to Dayaldas Ajitkumar Cantonment. The prices of Dubraj 4000-4500, Parmal 2500-2700, Hansa Sela 2600-2800, Hansa Safed 2400-2500, Poha Rs 3800-4200 per quintal were told.

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