Bilaspur News: Hockey’s nursery is 118 years old police parade ground

Publish Date: | Sat, 18 Mar 2023 12:20 AM (IST)

Bilaspur (Naiduniya representative). There would hardly be any person in the city who does not know the police ground. As beautiful as this ground in the heart of the city is, its history is equally interesting. Actually, this ground which is flat and open on all sides is 118 years old. It was built by the British in the year 1905. The police line also came into existence in the same year. The British were fond of playing hockey. At that time there used to be players of this game in railways and police. But, there was a lack of ground for practice. So the foundation of this ground was laid. One of the purposes of its construction was the parade. Both the activities used to happen simultaneously. Later, many big programs have also been organized here.

This ground is the pride of the city. The police administration has also left no stone unturned to keep it simple. When this ground came into existence, there used to be three hockey teams. One railway and the other police. The third team used to be from the city. It was named the Olympic Club. There used to be matches between them only. Hockey and sports lovers used to watch him with great enthusiasm. Later this hockey ground made a different identity. Outside players used to feel a different pleasure while playing in this flat and earthen ground.

It is said that in most of the cities at that time there was a trend of playing hockey in the grass field. Flat plains with soil were few and far between. One of them was also the name of this ground of Bilaspur. However, later the country became independent. The British left. Along with this, many types of changes were seen. After the independence of the country, in the year 1956, the first All India Hockey Tournament was organized at this ground. People of that time also recognized it by the name of Independence Cup. Time passed slowly.

Later, competitions were also held here and new generations started practicing on this ground by becoming mature players and bringing laurels to the city, state and country apart from themselves and their parents. When the era of grass and clay courts came to an end and the game started in the Astroturf field, hockey activities came to an end here. Presently there is no practice of hockey here. Only parades and other cultural, social and government events take place.

All major events including Independence and Republic Day are held on this ground.

Police ground is also known for sporting as well as major events of the city. On the celebration of the country’s independence, on August 15, the main event of the district administration is held in this ground. Not only this, various programs are also held on 26 January Republic Day. On both these national festivals, this ground is decorated so beautifully that once the steps stop seeing the attractive appearance of the ground. Apart from this, on the day of Rajyotsav and Dussehra festival, the program of Ravana Dahan also takes place in this ground. Due to these programs, there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in this ground throughout the year.

events for 23 years

Apart from government, this ground is also given on rent for private events. This system has been in force since the establishment of the state. The state of Chhattisgarh came into existence in the year 2000. Everyone likes to organize events on this ground in the heart of the city. This is the reason why Kavi Sammelan, Mela, Qawwali, Business Fair and other programs are held here.

Yadav’s initiative, gallery and other constructions from MP also

The British had only built the ground. The present gallery or seating arrangement for the audience is the gift of the then minister BR Yadav. While Veena Verma also spent from her MP item, which gave a new look to the field. It is still under the control of the police and its booking is done by the reserve inspector. The grounds have been preserved to this day.

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