Bilaspur News: Become Agniveer and create a bright future

Publish Date: | Fri, 17 Mar 2023 05:14 PM (IST)

Bilaspur News: Bilaspur. This is good news for the youth who want to become Agniveer. 10th and 12th pass youths are getting the best opportunity to make a golden future. In the event of 10th pass youth becoming Agniveer, after four years of service, not only will they get a good package, but they will also be given a certificate before 12th. The central government has put some such proposal in front of the youth. The last date for online registration and application for recruitment has been fixed as March 20. In the first phase of the recruitment process, an online computer based written test will be conducted. After this recruitment rally will be organized in the second phase. Through this rally, Agniveer General Duty (All Army), Agniveer General Duty (ST) All Army, Agniveer Lipik (Clerk/Store Keeper) (All Army), Agniveer Technical (All Army), Agniveer Tradesman 10th Passed (All Army ) and Agniveer Tradesmen 8th pass (All Army) will be recruited. Eighth, 10th and 12th passed youth can apply for these posts. After getting selected in Agniveer, they will get 30 thousand and allowance in first year, 33 thousand and allowance in second year, 36 thousand 500 and allowance in third year and 40 in fourth year. Thousand salary and allowance and other facilities will be given. Also, after four years, about 10 lakh interest will be given to Agniveer in the form of retirement package, which will be exempt from income tax. Such Agniveers who have passed class 10th will also be given certificate equivalent to class 12th after four years of service.

Pay attention to appear in the recruitment exam

0 Warm up- It is essential to bring the body from normal state to warm up (slowly heating the body). You cannot get good results without warming up. Therefore it is important to warm up your body before running or continuing with any other activity. To warm up, first of all, go jogging with small steps. As your body warms up. As you increase the speed of running, do this activity every day as per your convenience during your practice session.

0Physical Training – Make a physical training program of at least one hour daily in which bend stretch, push-up, reach down, hanging on the beam, side jump and other physical training can be done.

0 General Training – In the initial days, for eight to 10 days, you should do general exercise so that along with stamina, your interest in the race remains.

0 Do not do body building – Candidates who are practicing body building while preparing for military training should not do body building during this training period, as there is a possibility of body lock. If it is being done by anyone at present, then stop it immediately.

Beam Hanging – Beam hanging is an essential part of army training. If a person practices hanging on the beam well then his/her chances of getting good marks increase. If the person is not able to perform well to hang in the beam, then help him to hang in the beam by holding his waist so that he can perform well. To score good marks in physical test, practice hanging in the beam 10 times.

0 Running in a group – On the day of recruitment, the candidate is made to run in a group, so the thing to be noted is that the feet should not get stuck with other candidates. Keep this in mind 10 15 Practice running in a group of youth.

0 Shoes – Nowadays Goldstar and other types of lightweight shoes are available in the market. These shoes should be used for running. The shoe laces should be tied tightly so as to help in running. Shoes should not be bigger or smaller than the feet so that there is no problem in running. The breath swells more.

0 Running Practice – Practice running by keeping your mouth closed while running. By running with your mouth open, you will get tired quickly and will not be able to run.

0 Running on the power of claws- The candidate should practice more running on the power of claws. Do not practice running on the heel.

0 Running Sprint – The candidate is advised to include sprint running from 100 to 150 meters in his running practice. this short run; One advantage of this is that it saves a lot of time in finishing the race at the last minute.

This is also important to know

0 Practice after retiring from routine in the morning. Do not practice with a full stomach.

Take vegetarian and balanced diet. Use sprouted gram and milk in breakfast.

0 Do not apply move oil or any other cream before the race, because there is a risk of locking the body, as well as it can cause stiffness in the body.

One hour after the practice session, take a bath with cold water and massage your body with mustard oil and coconut oil. This will give freshness to the body and will not feel tired.

Take enough amount of sleep too.

0 Take plenty of water or other beverages like lemon water, glucose water or syrup so that there is no shortage of water in the body.

0 Practice running by making a group, because running in a group develops abilities.

0 1600 meters race; Placing 10 beams, jumping 9 feet pit, walking on balancing beam, chest five cm. Do special practice of inflating till. Get your nails cut. Keep ears and eyes clean. Keep hair short.


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