Anupama Off Air: Makers with old ideas of modern ‘Anupama’, stop doing cheap things for TRP now – rupaali ganguly starrer anupama should be go off air as soon as possible because it become worst serial

Rajan Shahi’s popular daily soap ‘Anupama’ has been rocking the screen since last 2 years. Even in TRP ratings, it remains at the top every week, but now it seems that it should be stopped because the way this serial initially worked to spread a message among the people. At the same time, he has started giving weight to wrong things. If you are watching the current track, then men are being shown as dictators and women are being shown as weak, helpless and helpless. This is being seen a lot especially with the character of Anupama aka Rupali Ganguly. He is only promoting mental harassment and domestic violence in the name of entertainment.

‘Anupama’ (Anupama) was earlier a scared and scared character. With whom Vanraj Shah was always irritated because she was not of his type. Then when he groomed himself. Tried to improve and decided to get divorced, the same Vanraj Shah started liking Anupama. Even in the track, the makers were giving a good message that women can stand on their own feet and by doing a lot, they can lead a happy life alone.

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Painful days of ‘Anupama’ are back?

But then it started showing atrocities on women. Paritosh’s extra marital affair was shown in between. During the same time Kinjal’s pregnancy also came. Toshu has also set out on the path of his father who was telling that father and son are alike. While they had a love marriage. So. Leaving his wife, he even started debauchery. Means so much emotional drama was created so that the viewers remain attached to this serial. At the same time, now Anuj Kapadia is also seen going on this path. He was shown such a scene with Maya, where he lies to Anupama or rather, he hides things. Overall, it seems that the viewers are watching a repeat telecast. Only the face has changed. Because now he is earning only and only TRP with all these petty antics but not the love which was seen among the people earlier.

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Anuj Kapadia has also become Vanraj Shah?

The question is, but what message are the makers trying to convey? Is he trying to tell that every man is a jerk? He is not happy with his married life? Is the wife always at fault? Only women are wrong? Whatever happens, will the blame be blamed on women? Because after seeing Anupamaa, now it seems like this. Recently a promo of this serial also came, in which Anuj talks to wife Anupama by shouting. They hold him responsible for their sorrows. Also slams the door hard. After all this, Anupama’s condition becomes the same as it was after Vanraj’s atrocities. Despite the leap of so many years, there was no visible difference in Anupama’s character. She remains as she is.

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There is no new story left with the makers

If the story is not left, then you should stop this show, but do not spread dirt like this now. The meaning of dirt here is not what you are thinking. Keeping women always standing in a dock and men always dominating them is also a big filth of our understanding. Anupama is not educated but she has two strong talents. It was thought that after marriage or with Anuj, a lavish lifestyle of her would be seen but no. Parosa Wahi Jayega Toh is being shown from the first episode.

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