Amit Shah: Shah said- cbi-ed is working impartially, most of the cases being investigated were registered during the Upa regime – Amit Shah said Cbi, Ed Working Partially; Most Cases Being Probed Registered During Upa Time

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi could hoist the tricolor at Lal Chowk in Srinagar only because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister has instilled hope in the hearts of the people during the last nine years. He has expressed confidence that by the time of the centenary of independence, India will become the number one nation in the world.

Union Home Minister said in a program of a media organization, investment is coming in Kashmir today. With 1.80 crore tourists in a year, it has also broken records for the number of tourists. There has been a 70 per cent reduction in all forms of violence. Stone pelting is not happening like before, nor are processions being taken out. He said that left wing extremism has ended in Bihar and Jharkhand. Naxalite violence has been limited to a few areas.

Parliament deadlock can be resolved if opposition comes for talks: Amit Shah

Amit Shah said on Friday that the current deadlock in Parliament can be resolved if the opposition comes forward for talks. He said that if the opposition takes two steps forward, then the government will take two steps ahead. Shah told the media conclave that there are many issues which are above politics and even former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi refused to discuss domestic politics on foreign soil.

Shah said, both the sides should sit and discuss with the Lok Sabha Speaker. They should come two steps ahead and we will take two steps further than that. Then the Parliament will run, but you only hold press conferences and do nothing, it cannot go on like this. The Union Home Minister said that the parliamentary system cannot be run only by the ruling party or only by the opposition as both have to talk to each other.

He said that despite our initiative, the proposal for talks did not come from the opposition, so whom should we talk to? He is talking to the media. They are raising slogans that there should be freedom of speech in the Parliament. There is complete freedom of speech in the Parliament. No one is stopping you from talking. Shah, however, said that everyone should follow the rules and not be loose and everyone should read and understand the rules.

Shah said, the debate in Parliament takes place under the rules. You cannot speak in Parliament like a street person. If they don’t know these basics then what can we do. Citing two incidents, Shah said that Indira Gandhi had gone to England after the Emergency and at that time the Shah Commission was formed and an attempt was made to put Indira Gandhi in jail.

Quoting Indira Gandhi, he said, at that time some journalists (in England) asked her how her country was doing. To which she said that there are some problems between us, but I do not want to say anything on them here. My country is doing well. I will not say anything about my country. Here I am an Indian.

The Home Minister said that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was in the opposition and Kashmir was to be discussed in the United Nations. He said that at that time there was a Congress government in power and it was the first and last time that the Indian delegation was headed by the opposition leader Vajpayee, as it was to discuss Kashmir. He said, this belief… There are some issues which are related to politics. I believe everyone should follow this tradition.

Shah asked, should we go abroad and make allegations about India and should we go to the Parliament of other countries and comment about India? I am sure the Congress will have to answer this.

PM believes that everyone has a right on the country’s resources: PM Modi believes that every Indian has a right on the country’s resources. His principle is to raise the standard of living of every Indian. He said that the internal security policies of the new India are clear and rest on the principle that no one in the world can do any mischief with India’s borders and its armed forces.

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