In Flipkart Big Billion, Amazon Great Indian sale there are many iPhone deals: Only 3 are worth buying

The biggest online sale season is on with Amazon’s Great Indian Festival and Flipkart’s Big Billion Days bringing irresistible deals and offers for consumers. Now, this makes it the perfect time to not only plan but also get yourself a premium smartphone that you would otherwise not bother to look at. So, while there are many premium smartphones available in the market offered by the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, Google etc. There’s one premium phone maker that stands above the crop. Can you guess the brand? Of course, it is Apple. And many Indians do not just see the iPhone as only a premium phone, but also as an aspirational lifestyle product. But because of the exorbitant price of the iPhones, not everyone in India is able to afford them at launch.

This is where these big discount sales step in. Over the past couple of years, during these special Amazon and Flipkart sales, the Indian smartphone market has seen a sudden surge of iPhone models. And this is only made possible because of the crazy discounts and deals that run for a limited period of time. Long story short, it is that time of the year, when the iPhone prices just seem right. But which one’s going to fit your budget and is absolutely worth buying? Read on to find out.

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro

On the first day of the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, the moment the clock hit 12 am, the iPhone 13 started selling at Rs. 49,990, and to my surprise, just two minutes later, the stock was sold out. This was by far the most popular iPhone deal I have ever seen. But since that deal is not there anymore, I am guessing that it was just a one-off thing or maybe the deal will be back in the coming days.

This brings me to the best current deal you can get on the iPhone 13. As of writing this article, the iPhone 13 can be purchased from Flipkart at a starting price of Rs. 56,990, down from its original price of Rs. 69,990. While this is not as massive as the previous Rs. 20,000 discount, it is still a solid Rs. 13,000 discount.

Funny thing is, the iPhone 13 mini is currently retailing at a discounted price of Rs. 58,990 on Flipkart, which is Rs. 2,000 more than the iPhone 13. And while this is still a good Rs. 6,000 off from its original selling price, I would suggest, if getting a small phone is an absolute necessity, then only get the 13 mini. Otherwise, the iPhone 13 is a no-brainer deal, because for Rs. 2,000 less, you’re getting a bigger screen and a bigger battery.

Fans of the ‘pro’ iPhone models can consider buying the iPhone 13 Pro, or the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Seeing how the Pro models are getting costlier year by year, and how similar the iPhone 14 Pro is to the iPhone 13 Pro, it makes no sense to get the new model. Unless you’re really awe-struck by the groundbreaking Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro! Dear readers, if Pro models are your thing, please save your cash and get the iPhone 13 Pro.

And it seems like many people have already taken advantage of this sale and got themselves the iPhone 13 Pro series already. Flipkart and Amazon have currently listed the iPhone 13 Pro at a discounted price of Rs. 99,990 for the base 128GB variant. This is a solid Rs. 20,000 drop from its original price and an even more solid drop of Rs. 30,000 from the iPhone 14 Pro base variant’s price. As of writing this article, all colors of the 13 Pro are sold out in the base variant. However, if you wish to get the iPhone 13 Pro in its base variant, I’d suggest keeping an eye on the restock.

Finally, if you have an old phone which is eligible for exchange, in that case, you can also get an additional discount of up to Rs. 16,900 on all iPhone 13 models purchased on Flipkart. Also, don’t forget to check out the various card offers and instant discount offers, if any, to bring the price even lower.

iPhone 12

I remember getting the iPhone 12 mini for my mother for a steal deal of about Rs. 41,000 last year during Flipkart’s sale last year, and this was the 128GB variant I am talking about. Fast forward to 2022, and around this year also, the introductory deal on the iPhone 12 was very attractive. However, as of writing this article, the prices have once again gone up after the initial stock got sold out.

Right now, if your budget is under Rs. 50,000 and if you’re looking for a 5G iPhone, I’d suggest checking out the iPhone 12 from Amazon as it’s currently retailing at a starting price of Rs. 43,990 for the base 64GB variant. The initial sales offer (Rs. 39,990 starting price) on Flipkart was a steal, but as I said, after the initial stock got sold out, the current starting price of the iPhone 12 on Flipkart is Rs. 53,990, which is hilarious. I wonder why Flipkart gets trolled.

Anyway, back to getting the iPhone 12 from Amazon; if you can stretch your budget by Rs. 5,000, I’d strongly recommend going for the 128GB variant of the iPhone 12, which is currently selling for Rs. 49,990 on Amazon.

Finally, fans of the ‘mini’ can consider buying the iPhone 12 mini at a starting price of Rs. 37,990 on Flipkart. Again, just like I didn’t suggest the 13 mini over the regular 13, similarly, I would again reiterate that you only get the iPhone 12 mini, if you’re an absolute fan of small phones. Otherwise, for a bit of extra money, I feel the bigger screen and battery are totally worth it.

final words

At the moment, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 are the most VFM iPhone models to buy right now. Yes, the iPhone 11 was also selling for about Rs. 30,000 on the first day of the Flipkart sale, but honestly, with the iPhone 11, it is not just about the aggressive price. As a matter of a fact, it just doesn’t make sense to buy the iPhone 11 in 2022, for numerous reasons, such as an LCD screen, poor battery life, 4G, and more. This is why I feel the iPhone 12 is the best entry point for first-time iPhone owners.

As for the iPhone 13, I feel in the ongoing sale season, it is going to sell like hotcakes this year. Because with the launch of the iPhone 14 series, there are not many changes that Apple has made to the new devices. Even the real-world usage is more or less the same on both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. So, I don’t think the Rs. 80,000 price point of the iPhone 14 is justified, and that is why the initial sale price of Rs. 49,990 for the iPhone 13 looked so good. But even the current price of about Rs. 57,000 is not bad. For about Rs. 23,000 less, you’re getting almost the same hardware, and more or less the same level of real day-to-day performance. So why buy the iPhone 14? Instead, take advantage of the sale and get yourself an iPhone 13. You can thank me later.

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