WhatsApp New Privacy Features – Status, Screenshot, Leaving Group Silently

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has made the announcement that WhatsApp would be providing users with three additional privacy enhancements in the near future. Users of WhatsApp will have more control over their chats and additional levels of safety while communicating as a result of these new capabilities. New layers of WhatsApp New privacy features have been added to WhatsApp in order to provide users with more options for keeping their messages private. For saving your chat history, there is now end-to-end encryption backup and disappearing messages that delete themselves after reading.

WhatsApp New Privacy Features

WhatsApp said on Tuesday that it would soon be implementing three new privacy features that will offer users greater control over their communications. These new features will be available in the coming weeks. The planned additions will offer an additional degree of security to the instant messaging platform, ensuring that the users’ private conversations will remain secure.

Users will be able to leave groups quietly, conceal their online status from selected contacts, and access additional capabilities thanks to the new privacy features that are coming to the platform that is owned by Meta. We are working on adding new privacy options to WhatsApp, including leaving group conversations without alerting everyone, choosing who is allowed to see your availability, and prohibiting screenshots. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, has said that the company would continue to develop innovative methods to safeguard users’ communications and ensure that they are as private and secure as in-person interactions.

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking Feature

A feature that prevents screenshots from being taken on a “View Once” message will soon prevent WhatsApp users from taking screenshots of the message. It is a fantastic addition to the ‘View Once’ function, which allows users to transfer photographs or videos without leaving a digital imprint of them behind when they do so. Taking screenshots of these types of messages completely defeats the purpose of sending a text that says “View Once.” You presumably already knew this.

WhatsApp has informed users that the functionality is on its way “soon,” but the company has not disclosed a specific release date or timetable. The platform has also disclosed that the functionality is undergoing testing at the moment; Hence, the deployment should not take too much longer, provided that any kinks can be worked out.

Leaving WhatsApp groups silently Feature

Soon, WhatsApp will also enable users to leave any groups they are apart of without telling the other users of their departure. This feature will be available to all users. When you are leaving a group and do not want any attention drawn towards you, this might be helpful. This is particularly helpful when you have been a member of the group for a significant amount of time and leaving can be unpleasant for you.

You should be aware that any group administrators will still be alerted of the departure, and that it is still impossible to quit a group without the admins discovering that you did so. WhatsApp has announced that it will begin pushing out the functionality to all of its users this month.

WhatsApp Online Status Blocking Feature

Users of WhatsApp may now pick who they wish to notify with their ‘Online’ status indication thanks to a recent update. The Online status is helpful for users who want their friends and family members to know that they are active on the app. However, it might be an annoyance if you wish to use WhatsApp in secret.

In the latter part of this month, all users will have access to the option to conceal their Online status indication. It has been stated that users would have the ability to limit the display of their online status between all users, contacts only, and nobody, in a manner that is similar to how users may control the appearance of other aspects such as read receipts.

WhatsApp New Features Benefits

“According to Ami Vora, WhatsApp’s Head of Product, “we’re committed to providing consumers with features that give them more control and privacy over their conversations.” By adding these new capabilities, we are continuing to fulfill our commitment to keeping communications private, and we have implemented overlapping levels of security to ensure that their chats remain secure over the years.

With Telegram, your messages, media, voice messages, video calls, and chat backups are protected to the same extent as those of other messaging services worldwide. We consider WhatsApp to be the most reliable platform for carrying on confidential conversations. And to get the word out about these new capabilities, we’re also launching a worldwide campaign, with the United Kingdom and India serving as the first two stops, to educate people on how we strive to preserve the privacy of their private chats on WhatsApp .


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