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Top Schools in India 2022 – Selecting the right school is the biggest concern of parents and students. Considering the same, we have provided the list of top schools in India. These best schools in India are shortlisted based on their pass percentage, quality of education, and more. India has succeeded in bringing over 20 million children into primary school education in just about two decades. A stupendous achievement in terms of statistics. But when we look at it in terms of quality, a yawning gap appears which is a matter of serious concern.

The focus is still on ‘How many students pass an exam’, the scores, cut-offs for higher education admission and so on. Nobody asks any question on learning outcomes. There are an overloaded curriculum and too much pressure on students. Creativity and innovation are sacrificed at the altar of rotated learning and exams.

It is here that the role of top schools in India becomes crucial in creating a community of leaders who will think out of the box to solve the knowledge gaps for a country on the cusp of becoming a superpower. We need authentic and credible data to determine how schools in India fare in bettering the learning outcomes rather than sheer numbers in terms of pass percentage. Challenges of the knowledge century cannot be solved by rotten learners. The question is, are our schools in India imparting quality education? Unless we answer this, India will not have a credible protocol to assess its quality of education.

How Careers360 selects Top Schools in India?

What we have attempted to do is to look at a sizeable universe of 9000 schools and rate them based on quantifiable parameters like infrastructure, the strength of faculty, a number of students and final results etc. (For more, refer to methodology given below). Through this painstaking exercise, we have been able to rate nearly 3000 best schools in India (10% of the universe) in terms of their learning outcomes.

Top Schools in India 2022 (State-Wise)

We have provided a state-wise list of Best schools in India. This list has been created after evaluation of several factors that you can check in the below content. Refer the table to check state-wise best CBSE schools in India along with other state schools.

Top Schools in Delhi

Top Schools in Chandigarh

Top Schools in Kerala

Top Schools in Tamil Nadu

Top Schools in Karnataka

Top Schools in Maharashtra

Top Schools in Uttar Pradesh

Top Schools in Odisha

Top Schools in Gujarat

Top Schools in Rajasthan

Top Schools in India 2022 – Check Other States Best Schools

Students can follow the given links to check the best schools of India available in their state.

Best state-wise Schools

Top Schools in India 2022 – Rating Criteria

Of the 3000 rated schools, only 50 best schools in India got the highest ratings of 5A. This is so because these top schools in India are exceptionally blessed with infrastructure, quality faculty, and students belonging to the elite International Baccalaureate program. But these schools are quite lean in numbers compared to other boards. The primary reason is that schools with enviable infrastructure do not perform well when it comes to academic performance. The next AAAA+ rating is earned by nearly 250 top schools in India indicating that the challengers are much larger in volume than leaders and that it is a very good sign for the country. Of rated India’s best schools, 500+ have gained the AAAA rating indicating that most schools have a basic level of delivery capabilities.

What can be inferred from the ratings is that a basic level of infrastructure is essential for good academic performance. But there is absolutely no correlation between over-the-top infrastructure or five-star level facilities and student performance. Therefore, this is something important to keep in mind when the school you approach for your child boasts of a fully air-conditioned campus and ‘N’ number of co-curricular activities.

India’s Top Schools 2022- Rating Methodology

The objective of this research exercise was to arrive at the of top 3,000 good schools in the country by adopting a stringent process of shortlisting data through questionnaires, interacting with school administrators and teachers, and finally analyzing quantifiable data. We gathered the basic data from the School Scorecard website maintained by the Ministry of HRD.

Rating Schema for Top Schools in India





95-99 percentile



90-94 percentile



80-89 percentile



70-79 percentile

very good


60-69 percentile



50-59 percentile



40-49 percentile


Note: In the Rating Sheet select IB schools also offer other curricula. Those offering CBSE are identified by an asterisk and ISC by two asterisks Top Schools in India.

Careers360 is known for rating institutions across higher education domains on the basis of objective parameters and has continued the practice in the case of schools, making use of data on students, faculty, infrastructure or performance indicators such as grades, pass and aggregate percentage. Most of the boards do not publish the pass percentage and scores in general. A team of researchers worked round the clock to download the data of individual schools by inputting their relevant codes. The tables below list the top schools in India 2022 across the States.

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