hyderabad gang-rape | Video footage becomes crucial to identify accused

Video footage of different surveillance cameras collected by Hyderabad police in the sensational minor’s gang-rape case showed a youngster getting off a red car in which he traveled along with the victim and three friends.

Investigators believe this youngster could be the same person described by BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao as ‘a MLA’s son’.

Mr. Raghunandan Rao released the video footage showing private moments of the youngster with the victim while traveling in the red car.

While the BJP MLA maintained that the youngster seen in the video clip and the pics was the MLA’s son and ridiculed the police version that reports about the involvement of a MLA’s son in the case were ‘100 per cent baseless’. The ongoing investigation by multiple teams of Hyderabad police analyzed video footage collected from surveillance cameras at different points in Jubilee Hills area.

The accused in the case, police surmise, befriended the girl when they met at a pub while attending a non-alcoholic party in the afternoon. Around 4.30 pm, they came out of the pub and asked the victim to get into their red car from her to drop her home from her.

Before meeting at the pub, the accused met at a reputed meat sale shop and parked their vehicles there. From that point, they came to pub in the red car. After starting from the pub along with the victim, they got off at the place where they parked their vehicles.

One of the Children in Conflict with Law (CCLs), who was arrested by the police in the case, brought a new Innova Crysta vehicle there. “All the four accused and the girl shifted into this vehicle,” a police officer associated with the investigation of the case said on condition of anonymity.

Even if the youngster, believed to be the son of an MLA, was not in the Innova vehicle, his actions while traveling in the car would attract criminal action, said the investigators. They are yet to be sure if that youngster was a minor.

“We would speak with the victim again and take her statement about what had happened in the red car. Action would be taken accordingly,” the top officer said. Initially, police believed the accused violated the minor after parking the car at an isolated place.

In the light of the new findings, they are verifying the possibility of the accused sexually assaulting the minor in the moving car. Meanwhile, the police had seized the Innova vehicle. Searches are on for the absconding accused Omer Khan and another juvenile.


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