December 8, 2021

Is NCB spreading terror in Bollywood: Nawab Malik

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and senior Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik on Saturday asked whether the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) with the help of some outsiders was deliberately targeting film personalities to create terror in Bollywood. .

Malik revealed the details of an NCB witness, Fletcher Patel, who claims to be a family friend of the agency’s regional director Sameer Wankhede, and posted pictures on social media with a woman he calls Lady Don.

Actually, Nawab Malik has shared a picture on Twitter of Jasmine Wankhede, who is a lawyer by profession, and a person named Fletcher Patel and has alleged that on one side Fletcher is Jasmine’s brother and on the other hand. The same person has been the main witness in many NCB cases. Nawab Malik has shared an Instagram photo of Fletcher Patel and Jasmine.

He asked the question, who is this Fletcher Patel and the other woman, Lady Don? How it came to be Fletcher Patel, who is close to Sameer Wankade, who has appeared as a witness (punch) in at least three NCB cases. Is it morally right?

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) National Spokesperson again accusing NCB of fraudulently raiding prominent personalities to grab publicity saying that in the last one year only, Fletcher Patel CR No 38/20, CR No 16/20 And there were witnesses in CR No. 16/20 as well as CR No. 02/21 and his team was gathering more information on other cases.

Malik said, “When we busted two people linked to BJP, the NCB last week said that they do not know any independent witnesses, whom they had taken on record in the cruise ship raid. Then how does the same witness Fletcher Patel appear?

Later, Fletcher Patel and alleged Lady Don Wankhede, who is said to be a relative of the NCB chief, appeared on some media channels and denied Malik’s allegations.

“I have been saying from the beginning that NCB is conducting fake raids on film personalities, but now what is the real motive behind these operations with Wankhede’s friends and family members coming out as witnesses in the official case,” he said. NCB should hold a press conference and clarify.

So far many opposition parties have raised questions on the working style of NCB in Aryan Khan drugs case. The names of Congress, Shiv Sena and NCP are prominently included in these. On Friday, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal had alleged that the NCB was tossing Aryan Khan’s case more so that the attention of the people could be diverted from the Lakhimpur incident. On behalf of NCP, Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik is continuously targeting BJP in Aryan Khan drugs case.

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