Day: June 2, 2021

Delhi University Will Begin Its Registration Process Around July 15 This Year Du Vice Chancellor

Education Desk, Amar Ujala Published by: Vartika Tolani Updated Thu, 03 Jun 2021 5:13 PM IST abstract The admission process will be started by Delhi University around July 15. Equal weightage will be given to the students of all the boards (State and CBSE). – Vice Chancellor PC Joshi hear the news hear the news

Guidelines For Care Of Children Who Lost Their Parents Due To Coronavirus

News Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Gaurav Pandey Updated Thu, 03 Jun 2021 4:49 PM IST abstract The Central Government has issued guidelines for the care and protection of children affected by Kovid-19. Under this, the responsibilities of the states, district magistrates, police, panchayati raj institutions and local bodies have been fixed in

Pm Narendra Modi Interacted With Parents Of The Students, In The Meeting Arranged By Education Minister – CBSE Virtual Meet

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Japan Airlines Converts Planes Into Marriage Halls – Japan: Weddings taking place in parked flights at the airport, hope to compensate for the damage caused by Corona

world news amar ujala Published by: Prashant Kumar Updated Thu, 03 Jun 2021 04:37 PM IST abstract Japan has become an example of how disaster can be turned into opportunity during the Corona period. Japan Airlines is completing the damage caused by converting its planes into marriage gardens. 90% of the airlines here are closed.

Andhra Pradesh Family Cremated 75 Year Old Women Who Returned Home After 15 Days

News Desk, Amar Ujala, Hyderabad Published by: Gaurav Pandey Updated Thu, 03 Jun 2021 4:31 PM IST abstract There was an atmosphere of surprise in the family of Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh when a 75-year-old woman came to her house after recovering from the corona virus. In fact, the family members had already cremated

1268 New Corona Cases Found In Uttar Pradesh. – UP: 1268 new patients were found in the last 24 hours, 96.7 percent decline in the number of infected

News Desk, Amar Ujala, Lucknow Published by: ishwar ashish Updated Thu, 03 Jun 2021 4:03 PM IST abstract The state government’s policy of test, track and treat has proved to be effective in controlling corona infection. Despite increasing the test, the number of infected people is decreasing, which is a matter of relief. symbolic picture

Coronavirus Disaster Leaves Deep Scars On Indian Economy

News Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Dev Kashyap Updated Thu, 03 Jun 2021 02:14 AM Corona’s effect on the economy (indicative picture) – Photo : pixabay hear the news hear the news The corona pandemic has left a deep mark on India’s economy. The Indian economy, which was shaken by the first wave

General Rani Isi Chief Connection Journalist Hamid Mir Pakistan India Imran Khan

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Shashi Tharoor again gave such a word that people needed dictionary

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is currently hospitalized after being infected with Corona. During this, he is regularly connected to social media. He is known to please Twitter followers with his brilliant vocabulary. Shashi Tharoor (Photo Credit: News Nation) highlights Shashi Tharoor replied to the haters People opened the dictionary to find the meaning of Shashi’s

Aaj ka rashifal 3 June 2021 Thursday today horoscope in hindi 3 June 2021

Image Source : INDIA TV Horoscope 3 June 2021 Horoscope June 3, 2021: How will be your day today and how you can improve your day, for this you need to know your horoscope. Acharya Indu Prakash is telling how you can make your day better. Aries Your interest in new work will increase. By

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