No Nationwide Lockdown: Center Asks States to Implement Containment Measures Till May 31 – Home Ministry’s message to states on complete lockdown, gave this advice

No Nationwide Lockdown: Centre Asks States to Implement Containment Measures Till May 31- India TV Hindi
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The second wave of Corona virus has caused panic in the country.

New Delhi: The second wave of Corona virus has caused panic in the country. On the other hand, new cases and deaths of corona virus infection are being recorded daily, on the other hand, the discussion about the complete lockdown in the country has intensified. Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry has advised the states on imposing a complete lockdown. The Home Ministry has advised the state governments to take preventive measures to control kovid infection in the districts and areas where the second wave has increased, rather than complete lockdown.

The Ministry directed the States and Union Territories to consider measures such as immediate ban on the operation of synagogues, markets, offices, schools and universities on the basis of assessment of the situation by May 31. The ministry has suggested intensive control measures in districts and areas with more than 10 percent or more cases of corona infection in the last one week, where more than 60 percent of oxygen is used or filled in ICU beds.

Despite the increase in Kovid-positive cases and deaths in April, the Home Ministry’s new guidelines on Kovid control clarified the implementation of the lockdown that states and UTs are allowed to devise restriction strategies at their own level. The advice given states to encourage work from home in the states. All district magistrates are required to implement strictly national guidelines as well as state level instructions.

The Union Health Ministry has taken measures like nocturnal curfew, prohibiting public ceremonies for political, social, religious, sports or entertainment purposes, prescribing a maximum attendance of 50 people at weddings and 20 at funerals and shopping complex, cinema hall , Jim, called for the closure of the spa. There is a 50 per cent attendance limit in restaurants, stadiums, public transport and government and private offices.

The Health Ministry said, “While these are indicative activities, states and UTs should carefully analyze the local situation, the areas to be covered, and the possibility of transmission and then take a decision.” Containment zones have been asked to hold restrictions for 14 days, adopt a test-track-treat-vaccine approach, and ensure covid-appropriate behavior.

In addition to suggesting 100 percent immunization of eligible age groups, the Health Ministry also said that the details of the condition of beds filled and vacant in the hospital should be made available online on a daily basis. The ministry also said that guidelines related to the use of drugs such as ramdescivir and tocilizumab should be widely publicized, in addition to details of oxygen, medicine, vaccine availability and vaccination centers.

A similar advice was issued on April 26, based on guidelines from the Ministry of Health, asking states to impose local restrictions for at least 14 days to prevent the spread of Kovid-19. The guidelines will be in force till 31 May. The previous guidelines issued on 23 March are effective till 30 April.

In some parts of the country like Delhi, the number of cases and lack of beds, ICU and lack of oxygen has brought fresh guidelines for Kovid-19 management. In the order of the Union Home Ministry, the advice given by the Ministry of Health regarding community control and large area of ​​control is also attached.

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