January 19, 2022

JASMIN KE GHAR HUM JAENGE Aly Goni: why JASMIN KE GHAR HUM JAENGE is trending on twitter Rubina Dilaik video irks Aly Jasmine Fans

After seeing a trend on Twitter on Tuesday, everyone’s eye was fixed on him. By the afternoon, ‘JASMIN KE GHAR HUM JAENGE’ became one of the top trends of Twitter. From Ali Goni to Jasmin Bhasin and millions of their fans started tweeting about it. Jasmin appealed to her fans not to make negative tweets for Rubina Dilac or anyone on Twitter. Didn’t understand what this scene was? But at the root of the investigation, a video of the party on Monday night came from where the entire game started.

Rubina mentioned Jasmin in the video

Actually, there was a party at Rahul Mahajan’s house on Monday night. From Rubina Dilac, Abhinav Shukla to Arshi Khan and Naina Singh attended this party. A video of this party has been shared by Naina Singh on her Instagram story. In the video, where Rahul Mahajan’s wife Natalia Ilina is seen with Naina, Rubina and Abhinav’s voice is heard in the noise of the party behind. This is where Jasmin is mentioned and the Twitter discussion from here as well.

What is the noise in this video

The video shared by Naina Singh has the atmosphere of the party. Rubina’s voice is coming from behind. She asks- who will go to Jasmin’s house? Abhinav says on this – who is he? Arshi says on this- Ali. Rubina’s sisters Jyothika and Arshi laugh at this with a loud laugh.

Ali’s tweet won heart

As soon as this video went viral on social media on Tuesday morning. Ali Goni made a tweet. He wrote- ‘Jasmin is my home, but still, we will go to Jasmin’s house.’ Just after what was it, JASMIN KE GHAR HUM JAENGE trend started happening on Twitter. Fans constantly started tweeting on it. Various things started about Rubina and Abhinav.

Jasmine Speak – Show is over, don’t talk negatively

While the fans of Jasmine and Ali on Twitter did not like the style of Rubina and Abhinav, there was a barrage of negative tweets about it. In such a situation, Jasmin Bhasin also had to appeal to the fans further. Jasmine wrote in her tweet, ‘I know my fans love me like crazy. I fill my day with happiness and solidity. My Bigg Boss journey is over. It was great because of your love. Now I want you to remove negativity and learn to ignore things that are not sharing happiness. ‘

Jasmin’s Appeal – Ignore and move on

In another tweet, Jasmin wrote, ‘Ignoring something does not mean that you guys have stopped caring. We cannot forgive this situation. Until this situation is over, we cannot move forward. And this is what we need to do to move forward and fly high, let us give up and fly away. ‘

Rubina’s fans also hashtag

However, while Ali and Jasmine have put their side on the video, on the other hand, fans are still tweeting about JASMIN KE GHAR HUM JAENGE. The good thing is that after the appeal of the actress, people have started positive tweeting. Fans are saying that this is the difference between Rubina and Jasmine. If it is negative then another positive. Well in response, fans of Rubina Dilac are tweeting with “STOP BEING JEALOUS OF RUBINA”.


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