January 19, 2022

Most Beautiful Tv Actresses In Late 40s And 50s: From Manidra Bedi To Rukhsar Rehman Who Looks Younger Than The Young Generation? These 10 beauties of TV beat the age, take their permission even before the day is over!

Lights, camera and action. A world where ruling is everyone’s dream. But the brighter this world is, the more challenging it is to stay here and stay. Actor or actress, with increasing age, the challenge before everyone is how to put themselves in front of the nuqmers. There are 10 such actresses in TV industry, from Mandira Bedi to Rukhsar Rahman, who have beaten old age. He has kept himself fit and fit even today. Not only is her age, but also learners need to learn from these beauties.

Anita Raj, age 58 years


‘Chhoti Sardarni’ actress Anita Raj is 58 years old. She says, ‘I never give up. Every day I push myself a little bit more. ‘ At this growing age, Anita has her own routine of fitness and she follows her very sincerely.

Kritika Desai, age 53 years


Kritika Desai, who works in serials like ‘Mere Angne Mein’, ‘Utran’ and recently ‘Lal Ishq’, still surprises everyone with her beauty. Kritika Desai is 53 years old.

Deepti Bhatnagar, age 53 years


Deepti’s age is also 53 years. She is the mother of two children. Children are growing up and looking at their mother’s fitness, it seems as if they are getting younger.

Bhagyashree, age 52 years


Bhagyashree, who made his Bollywood debut with Salman Khan’s opposite Maine Main Pyar Kiya, is very active on TV these days. Bhagyashree was well received in ‘Laut Aao Trisha’. She is 52 years old. But it is hardly possible to see them. Bhagyashree exercises a lot. She does yoga.

Sheeba Akashdeep Sabir, age 50 years


Sheeba is also 50 years old. There are fitness freaks. Sheeba has earned a name in the world of acting for almost 40 years. His Instagram photos testify that age is just a statistic.

Meghna Malik, age 49 years


Amna ji of ‘Naa Aana Ish Desh Lado’, Meghna Malik’s style is also similar. 49-year-old Meghna still noises from today’s face.

Mandira Bedi, age 48 years


Mandira Bedi earned a lot of name in the TV world. He also played as a presenter in the cricket field, while now everyone is convinced of Mandira’s fitness. At the age of 48, she applies push-ups to the sari. The beach still flaunts her bikini body. There is some charisma that keeps Mandira so beautiful.

Simon Singh, age 46 years


Simone Singh, who is in the headlines overnight from the TV show ‘Heena’, is also 46 years old. Simone has also appeared in many films. It seems as if his face is getting bright with increasing age.

Gautami Kapoor, age 46 years


A wonderful actress, a strong mother. At the age of 46, Gautami fits into every character of life. She is the wife of Ram Kapoor.

Rukhsar Rahman, age 45 years


Rukhsar Rahman made his Bollywood debut opposite Aditya Pancholi in 1992. Then she also appeared on TV. His character in ‘Tumhari Pakhi’ was well received. Rukhsar, who lives in UP, is 45 years old. Look at them once and once yourself, you will understand the difference.


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