January 19, 2022

kisan agriculture start up farmer technology narendra modi speech need to encourage startups in agriculture sector, empowerment of small farmers is necessary- PM Modi

kisan agriculture start up farmer technology narendra modi speech
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Need to encourage startups in agriculture, empowerment of small farmers is necessary – PM Modi

New Delhi. On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the announcements made for the agriculture sector in the budget. Speaking in a webinar, he said that in the midst of ever-increasing agricultural production, India needs a Post Harvest Revolution or Food Processing Revolution and Value Addition in the 21st century. It would have been very good for the country if this work would have been done two-three decades ago. The time has come to increase private sector participation in research and development works of agriculture sector. We need to encourage startups in the agricultural sector.

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Giving the example of dairy sector, PM Modi said that if we look at our dairy sector itself, today it is so strong because it has expanded processing over so many decades. Today, we have to pay maximum attention to processing in every sector of agriculture. For this, it is necessary that the farmers get modern storage facilities near their villages. Access to the processing unit from the farm will have to be improved. Today it is the need of the hour that the farmers of the country get more and more options in the market. The country is witnessing the loss of limited production to farmers. We must expand the country’s agricultural sector in the global market for processed food.

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He said that contract farming has been done in some form or the other for a long time here. Our effort should be that contract farming should not just become a business but we should also fulfill our responsibility towards that land. The Prime Minister said, “I had said in Parliament how the government took important decisions keeping in mind the small farmers of the country, the number of small farmers is close to 12 crores and their empowerment only helps to liberate Indian agriculture from many problems. And will also become the driving force of the rural economy. ”

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Prime Minister Modi said that today it is the need of the hour that the farmers of the country get more and more options in the market, the country is seeing the loss of limiting the farmers to only raw materials or produce. We must expand the country’s agricultural sector to the global market for process food. We have to increase the number of agro industry clusters near the village so that the people of the village can get employment related to farming in the village itself.

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He said that with food processing, we also have to focus on how even the smallest farmer can get the benefit of modern technology. Small farmers cannot afford tractors or straw machines. Today when airplanes can be rented, then such arrangements can be made for farmers as well. Truck aggregators were used during the Corona period to bring the farmer’s produce to the market, which was good. More work is required on this.

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