New Year dawns with hope of vaccines which will counter Covid pandemic | New Year Arrival with Expectation of Corona Vaccine

New Year Arrival with Expectation of Corona Vaccine - India TV Hindi
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New Year Arrival with Expectation of Corona Vaccine

Happy New Year to all of you. 2020 passed and it was a scary year. Neither could embrace their loved ones, nor could they go to anyone’s house, nor could they call anyone to meet. I have spent nine months of 2020 only at home and in the studios of India TV. Did not meet anyone. Whatever he talked about was done on the phone through video call. I go daily to the Broadcast Center studio but it has been about 280 days, I have not met anyone face to face. Talked to the entire team only through video call. Actually it has never been my nature. I like to meet people and to stand with my loved ones. It gives energy and strength. We get to learn, but what we were forced to do in 2020.

When Corona started, Salman Khan told me – ‘Sir, this time is such that the one who got scared survived.’ Everyone is scared. Neither can go to someone’s wedding, nor can anyone shoulder the final journey. The way of living changed, the way of dying also changed. Now pray in the new year that this fear is eradicated, restrictions are removed. We can hold our hands. If you are in trouble, you can give courage by putting it on your chest. One who wants to celebrate happiness can laugh with him and join his celebration.

Let’s start with the good news about the new year. The good news is that the country will welcome the new year with the Corona vaccine. The government has decided that the dry run of vaccination (vaccination) will start in the entire country from January 2 and it is expected that the vaccination will start from the second week of the new year. The government’s panel will review two key vaccines of Oxford-AstraZeneca and Biotech, while Pfizer will make its presentation. All three companies have sought approval from the Government of India for emergency use of their vaccine. It seems that the first shot in the era of self-reliant India will be of indigenous vaccine. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the country an update on the fight against Corona and asked the states to be fully prepared for vaccination. He said that preparations are being made on a war-footing to make the vaccine made in the country reach the people of the country in the shortest possible time.

Right now the meaning of good news in the whole world is to get rid of corona i.e. corona vaccine. Vaccination has started in many countries of the world. But given the kind of situation we have here and the way Corona has been kept under control, there is no need to take a hasty decision. The vaccine will be approved only after passing all its tests. So far, it seems that a vaccine named Covishield may be approved soon. The Serum Institute of India is producing the Oxford-AstraZeneca coviculated vaccine. Five crore doses (doses) of Kovishield are ready in Pune. 5 lakh doses are being produced every hour. By the end of this month, the production of this vaccine will increase to one million doses per hour.

The introduction of a vaccine and the commencement of vaccination does not necessarily mean that the corona will end immediately. There will be a risk of corona. Everyone needs to be vigilant especially with the new form of corona virus. Therefore, now the slogan has to be changed regarding Corona. PM Modi said on Thursday that earlier the slogan was, ‘No slack till medicine’, but now the slogan is – medicine and medicine as well as rigor. That is, caution is necessary.

For the last several years, the world’s largest vaccination program has been in India. Two-thirds of the world’s vaccine is produced in our country. Once the Corona vaccine arrives in India, the world’s largest vaccination program will run here. The Modi government has devised a strategy for vaccination of more than 130 crore population in Patriot. Till now, a plan has been prepared to vaccinate 500 million people. The Serum Institute of India has expressed the hope that 30 million doses of the covshield vaccine will be ready by July. Therefore, the Prime Minister of the country said that India is the nerve center (pulse) of the world. Even after giving medicine to the world, no country can fight this danger alone. Modi said that if the health of the world is to be cured, then the world will have to fight against diseases and threats like corona.

One thing has to be said that Narendra Modi at the time understood the seriousness of the danger of Corona. Understanding the situation of the country, took a tough decision like lockdown at the right time. Keeping people at home in a country of 133 crores is not an easy task, but Modi did it with the help of state governments. Arranged to have no hunger. People motivated and showed the way to avoid the danger of Corona. He addressed the country ten times ten months. This is the leader’s job.

The result of this is that today the situation in the country is more or less under control. In December alone, corona cases fell to a six-month low of 8.2 lakh. There were 11,400 deaths in the month of December, which is the lowest number of deaths from Corona in a month since May. In May, a total of 4,267 people died of the infection. The highest number of deaths was 33 thousand in September. December was the third consecutive month in which the death rate had registered a steady decline. At a time when countries like America and Britain are struggling to deal with the epidemic, we need to be very cautious and maintain hope at this time.

Today most of the developed nations are looking towards India how our government is dealing with this epidemic. These countries are looking to us for help and praising Modi’s strategy. As people in America, France, Britain, Germany lied after the lockdown opened, Corona attacked again. All these big and money countries are upset. That’s why Modi said that now we don’t have to make the mistake that others have made.

Now in the new year, the whole country is expecting from the vaccine. But it is not enough to just get a vaccine and get it. It is a huge task to deliver vaccines to all in the country of 133 crore people. After the vaccine is created, thousands of colts of storage are needed in every state to store it. Millions of syringes will be required for vaccination. Millions of trained healthcare workers will be needed to apply the vaccine. This task is not easy, but since Narendra Modi made planning and preparation beforehand, we have moved a lot in the direction. At what level the government is preparing for the vaccine, you will get an idea that the vaccine has not been approved yet, but the government has already ordered 83 crore syringes for vaccination. In many companies 1 lakh syringes are being made every hour. Vaccination training is being given in the country. There are only 59 thousand trainers who are giving vaccination protocol training to people in every district, every taluka, from primary health center to hospitals. Thousands of cold stores are ready in every state to store the vaccine. But no matter how fast the government may use any number of resources, only 25 crore people will be vaccinated in the country by July.

That is why it is being said again and again that there is no negligence after the commencement of vaccination because if there is any corona patient left, then the risk will increase again. The mask will remain with us until everyone gets vaccinated. Two yards will remain. Along with this, another caution is needed, keep away from rumors. Do not believe the rumor nor help spread the rumor. Because rumors spread faster than the corona virus. The vaccine did not come, but rumors about the vaccine reached home. I showed you my prime time show ‘Aaj Ki Baat’ two weeks ago that a meeting of Maulanas and Ulama of ten Muslim organizations was held in Mumbai. It was decided that the first Muslim organizations would be satisfied about the vaccine to be used in India. We will check that there is no non-halal material i.e. pig fat used. If this happens then the Muslims will boycott the vaccine. Therefore, on Thursday, Modi spoke clearly about these rumors. Apart from the corona in 2021, the Prime Minister said that rumors of vaccine need to be avoided. If any message comes on the social media, do not blindly trust it because this unknown enemy can be more dangerous than the corona. Follow the government guidelines for corona vaccination.

Those who are raising such questions about the vaccine should listen to Maulana Mahmood Madani, the general secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind. Maulana Madani was also asked the same question, is there any confusion among the Muslims about the corona vaccine? What should Muslims do? So Maulana Mahmud Madni said that although what is not justified in Islam is not to be done, but when no other option is available, it will be better to forget the difference between Halal and Haram. On the other hand, Maulana Kari Isaac Gora of Deoband said clearly on Thursday that there is life if there is life. He said that the Muslim brothers should not believe in any rumors about the vaccine. If you know life then you will be able to do prayer and will also be able to fulfill the duty of humanity. Therefore, all that has to be done to save lives is halal.

This kind of rumor is spreading not only in our country but in all the Islamic countries of the world. The situation was that the Indonesian government had asked for 1.2 million doses of corona vaccine from China but did not use it because the rumor spread that the pig fat was used in the vaccine. Just think, governments are also helpless in front of rumors. That is why Maulana from all over the world is clearing the situation on rumors and explaining to the people. Saudi Arabia’s elder Maulana Sheikh Asim bin Lukman al-Hakim says that there is no harm in using a vaccine if it is necessary to save lives, and if there is anything in the vaccine that is forbidden in Islam.

In the US, a rumor was called on social media in the name of Bill Gates that Bill Gates has said that the side effect of the vaccine will be such that 7 lakh people will die. Whereas Bill Gates had only said that seven lakh people could have side effects of the vaccine. Another danger is that the criminal gangs of the world’s biggest mafia, cybercrime, have become active when the vaccine arrives. There is a need to be careful with such people also. There have been many complaints where people have been asked for Aadhaar card number or OTP in the name of registration for vaccine. Many customers have brought such complaints in banks where they asked for OTP in the name of vaccine and cleared the bank account. So I want to warn you that on the pretext of getting the vaccine registered, beware of those asking for your Aadhaar number, e-mail ID, OTP and do not trust the rumors. The need of the hour is to be cautious and alert others. Follow the corona virus guidelines and stay safe. The new year has brought a new hope. We have to wait for the Kovid vaccine to face this deadly attack on mankind with courage and conviction. (Rajat Sharma)

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