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India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

In my prime time show ‘Aaj Ki Baat’ on Tuesday night, farmers from far-flung villages in Punjab revealed how left-wing activists went from village to village in the last few months and demanded farmers to go to Delhi to repeal new agricultural laws Mobilized for Our reporters spoke to Vijender Singh, a farmer from Sangrur. Vijendra Singh revealed how the Left came to his village and tried to incite the peasants by giving the name of Guru Gobind Singh ji, giving an account of Sikhs.

Vijendra Singh told how the Left activists spread the rumor among the villagers that they had died during the peasant movement in Delhi, taking pictures of elderly Sikh farmers, while they died due to natural causes. Vijendra also told that villagers who oppose such fake propaganda are appealed to social boycott by declaring them as enemies of the community.

Many farmers of Punjab have sent me videos, which wanted to explain how fake propaganda is being done in villages in the name of the farmers’ movement. These villagers explained how they are given the idea of ​​’Sikhs’. How these farmers were told that Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj snatched land from the Mughal rulers and gave it to our ancestors, and now the Modi government is trying to take away the land of forefathers and give it to corporates. The farmers were told that if they did not take to the streets yet, they would lose their fields and come to the road. The villagers told me that the people of the Left parties had been airing this movement for the last 5 months, and mobilizing the farmers for the movement. Most villagers were unwilling to disclose their names, fearing the fear and vengeance of these leftists.

Vijendra Singh summarized why the farmers of Punjab joined the dharna in Delhi. He said that the left activists used a very simple formula, they linked the new agricultural laws to the ‘respect’ of Sikh farmers. After this, most of the farmers came under his influence and traveled towards Delhi.

Let me give you some information about Vijender Singh. Vijendra Singh hails from Sangrur, and has 2 brothers. Both have 15 forts (about 15 acres) in Sangrur. It is on this land that they cultivate and with this also do animal husbandry work. Vijendra Singh revealed how the leaders of the Left traveled from village to village and spread lies about new agricultural laws. He tried to provoke the farmers by saying that the MSP would be abolished. When this did not work even then, he gave a talk of ‘Sikh’ to the farmers. The leaders of the left parties also collected money at the rate of two to two hundred rupees per acre as donation from the farmers to start the movement.

Vijender Singh himself is a small farmer, but he knew what the leftist leaders intended. During the agitation, an elderly farmer died natural in Delhi, and was spread on social media by portraying him as a ‘martyr’ in the picture. Vijendra Singh revealed that the adhatiyas (middlemen) of Punjab are openly funding the protest demonstration in Delhi. The adhatiyas buy the crops of the farmers and the commission they get from the government is about 4000 crores annually. Vijendra Singh said that the fact that the bastions want the new laws to be repealed and that is why they are making all the arrangements for the movement.

Vijendra revealed how local leaders of Punjab provided carts to transport the farmers to the Delhi border. He told the farmers that in the places where there will be picketing, there is provision of good toilet, tents, good beds, free food, essential goods and even music with woofer. The farmers were told that even the police would not dare to run sticks on them.

Vijender Singh also revealed that the Left was behind the recent attacks on Reliance Jio mobile phone towers in Moga, Patiala, Bhatinda, Ludhiana and other cities. Vijendra said that if the Left activists had any problem with Reliance Jio, then they would protest peacefully, causing disruptions in online classes of school children as Punjab students attend online classes through mobile phones.

The question arises as to whom are the Left parties helping by breaking the Reliance Jio Tower in Punjab, and why is the Congress giving them silent support. It is worth noting that Reliance Jio is the first Indian company to announce the launch of 5G network next year. If this network comes to India, the biggest loss will be to the telecom companies of China. At a time when countries like the US and Japan are working together to reduce China’s power in telecom, leftist activists in India are damaging Xiao’s cellphone infrastructure. Congress and communist parties have also attacked the products of Swami Ramdev’s Patanjali. Ramdev’s Patanjali Group has caused huge losses to multinationals in India, especially Chinese companies.

The Congress and the Left parties should think of whom they are helping when their supporters stop the movement of trains by sitting on the tracks for months in the name of the peasant movement in Punjab. When our brave soldiers are facing Chinese troops in East Ladakh, why are the workers of these parties stopping the goods trains, essential commodities and arms carrying goods trains in Punjab for the Army. Due to this the supply line of our army was badly affected.

When the Indian and Chinese armies were face to face in Doklam, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was secretly meeting the Chinese Ambassador in Delhi. When 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed in a clash with Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley, Rahul Gandhi questioned the capability of our army. Rahul had alleged that China has occupied several thousand acres of land in Ladakh. Who is helped by such statements by Rahul, it is a matter to ponder.

The role of our leftist parties is well known during the freedom struggle and the 1962 Indo-China war. I remember that when in 2017 there was a confrontation with China in Doklam, the CPI-M said that India has ‘teased’ China by giving more importance to the Tibetan religious leader, the Dalai Lama. When the Indian and Chinese forces clashed in the Galvan Valley in May this year, the CPI-M called it ‘unfortunate’. The question arises that who are these left parties trying to help? (Rajat Sharma)

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