December 5, 2021

Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor delay increased costs 11 times: PM Modi | 8-year delay in freight corridor increased costs 11 times: PM Modi

Freight Corridor costs up 11 times due to delay of 8 years: PM Modi-India TV english
Image Source : INDIA TV
8-year delay in freight corridor increased costs 11 times: PM Modi

new Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that due to the work culture of earlier governments, the work of the freight corridor hung and its cost increased by 11 times. PM Modi said this today through video conferencing while inaugurating the ‘New Bhaupur – New Khurja section’ of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) and the operational control center (OCC) of EDFC at Prayagraj.

PM Modi enumerated the benefits of this freight corridor and that when the country is benefiting so much from this type of infrastructure, the question arises as to why the delay occurred, this project is a living proof of the work culture of the government which was before 2014, The project was approved in 2006 and after that it remained only in papers and files, the seriousness that the Center should have talked to the states was not done. As a result, the work got stuck and strayed, not even a kilometer track was laid till 2014. The money that was sanctioned could not be spent properly, after the formation of the government in 2014, the files for this project were again reconstructed, the officials were asked to go ahead afresh, the budget was about 11 times i.e. 45000 crores. Grew more than.

The Center also extended contact with the states, inspired and encouraged them and brought new technology, as a result of which about 1100 km of work is going to be completed in the next few months, not a single kilometer in 8 years and in 6-7 years 1100 km!

The freight corridor has not only suffered the loss of political apathy in the infra, the entire railway system has been a big loser. Earlier the focus was to increase the number of trains so that there would be an advantage in the election, but there was no investment on the tracks on which the rail was to run. The speed of our trains was very low and the entire network was filled with deadly unmanned gates. We changed this style after 2014 and changed the forgotten politics by eliminating the budget budget separately, investing on the rail track and freeing the railway network from unmanned gates, speeding the railway track Prepared for trains, focusing on power generation and widening of railways. Today semi-high speed trains like Fellow India are running and Indian Railways have become safer than before.

PM Modi said – ‘Over the years, improvements have been made in the railways at every level, whether it is cleanliness, better food or other facilities, the difference is clearly visible today. In the same way, India has made a big leap in self-reliance in railway man-facturing. India is manufacturing modern trains for itself and is also exporting. Talking about UP, the locomotive institute based in Varanasi is becoming a major center for electric locomotives in India, has also brought out the coach factory of Rai Bareilly from the role of painting painting in 6 years, more than 5000 railways there Coaches have been made and are also being exported to overseas.

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