November 29, 2021

brigadier usman Naushera ke Sher grave damaged army ask jamia university to repair | Army will look after the grave of Brigadier Usman? Army strict on ignoring Jamia University

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Army will look after the grave of Brigadier Usman? Army strict on ignoring Jamia University

Hero of 1949 war against Pakistan and Lions of nowshera The heroic stories of Brigadier Usman, known as ‘Junk’, still excite the hearts of soldiers, but seeing the condition of his grave in Delhi’s Jamia Millia Cemetery, everyone’s heart will cry. The tomb of Brigadian Usman is left desolate due to neglect in the Corona period. The tomb stones have also been uprooted. The picture of the tomb is also going viral on social media, in which it is said that the tomb of India’s heroic son has been vandalized.

Actually, recently a picture was revealed in which Brigadier Usman The tomb was broken. Though India TV visited the graveyard to know the ground reality and found that the tomb was not ransacked, but due to neglect it is a victim of plight. The stones on the tomb have been uprooted due to bad weather. Actually this tomb is in the cemetery of Jamia Millia Islamia, but the Jamia management does not supervise it. It was the family members who looked after it, but Corona could not be reached here amid the crisis.

Army will look after the grave?

The army is also concerned about seeing the status of Brigadier Usman’s tomb. The army has asked the Jamia management to look after the grave of Brigadier Usman. The army has asked the university administration at ‘high-level’ to repair the crumb of Mahavir Chakra winner, Brigadier Mohammad Usman. If the university did not do so, the army would repair the tomb itself. The university says that even though the cemetery is on university land, the responsibility of the family is to take care of the grave.

Events held till 2018

In 2014, the Indian Army organized a special program by Brigadier Usman at the tomb in Jamia Milia on the day of his martyrdom (3 July), attended by senior military officers of the Parachute Regiment. In the year 2018, Jamia Millia University along with NCC celebrated Surgical-Strike Day at her grave.

Brigadier Usman is famous as ‘Lion of Nowshera’

Brigadier Usman is also known as ‘Lion of Nowshera’. Brigadier Usman was the first Indian soldier to be awarded the Mahavir Chakra. Under his leadership, the Indian Army did tremendous damage to the Pakistani army by placing Nowshera under its jurisdiction. Since then, he was given the title of Lion of the Navy. Troubled by his bravery, the Pakistani army even announced a reward for his death. But during the war itself, in 1949, while fighting the Pakistani army in the Jhang area of ​​Poonch, he was hit by a cannon shell, due to which he died in the battlefield. The then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru himself joined Brigadier Usman’s funeral.

Pakistan had offered to become army chief

During independence, Brigadier Usman was in the Baloch Regiment of the British Army. But at the time of Partition, the Baloch Regiment became part of the Pakistani Army. But Brigadier Usman refused to be part of the Pakistani Army. However, Pakistan even offered to make him the head of his army. He later joined the Dogra Regiment of the Indian Army – later this unit of the Dogra Regiment was converted into a Parachute Regiment.

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