Which battle is going on before the electoral battle in West Bengal? The game of check and check continues – west bengal elections 2020 which type of battle is going on before the elections

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The electoral atmosphere in West Bengal is getting hotter by the day. There is still some time in the battle of votes, but the battle of perception is increasing in Bengal. In this war between the BJP and the Trinamool Congress, efforts are being made to win from both sides. In fact, the votes of those who are party supporters will go to the same party, but there are a large number of voters who, after seeing the atmosphere, decide which party to vote for.

Perception contributes greatly to attract such voters. Hence the war of perception continues in Bengal. Both BJP and Trinamool Congress are doing everything possible to make themselves strong and weak to the other party. In this battle of perception, the play of check and check continues.

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BJP’s big win Shubhendu’s change
According to the style of former BJP national president Amit Shah, the BJP is breaking up with other party people in West Bengal and bringing it with them. Before elections in every state, people start coming from other party in BJP. A BJP leader said that we do not break, but seeing the atmosphere in favor of BJP, people want to join BJP themselves.

TMC has turned into a company: Suvendu Adhikari

In West Bengal, BJP included one Trinamool Congress MP and 9 MLAs in the party, including Shubhendu Adhikari, considered No. 2 in the Trinamool Congress. Shubhendu’s move to BJP is a major setback for the Trinamool Congress as Shubhendu Adhikari is a powerful name in West Bengal politics. He has been the architect of the Nandigram movement. Their impact is on 65 seats in the state, which is very important given the assembly elections. He can make it difficult for the Trinamool Congress.

Interesting battle with Prashant Kishor Factor
With the number of leaders leaving the Trinamool Congress and joining the BJP, the BJP is trying to create an atmosphere that the BJP is continuously strengthening in the state and Mamta Banerjee’s fort is being demolished. To contest this perception in favor of the Trinamool Congress, election strategist Prashant Kishore claimed that the BJP would not reach the double digit in terms of seats in Bengal. Then said that BJP will get less than 100 seats and if BJP gets more seats than this, then I will leave my job (election strategist).

Prashant Kishore worked in the election campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He is currently working on an election strategy for Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal. The BJP has given the slogan of 200 crosses in Bengal now. The discussion is also hot after Prashant Kishore’s claim that the BJP can increase its target in West Bengal from 200 to 125, to give the message that the BJP is fully confident of winning West Bengal. This will help BJP create an atmosphere in its favor.

TMC wary of Lok Sabha election results
In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP won 18 seats in West Bengal, which was a shock to the opposition parties as well. BJP wants to maintain its momentum in West Bengal. That is why the senior ministers of the BJP are involved in this mission. BJP leader Amit Shah tried his best to not only target the Mamta Banerjee government but also to woo people on the West Bengal tour. He dined at the home of Baul Gayal Basudev Das.

While the BJP was looking a step ahead in this bet, the Trinamool Congress reversed the bet only a few days later. Basudev Das told reporters in the presence of the Trinamool Congress leader that he wanted to tell a big man like Amit Shah about the status of Bowl artists but could not get a word to speak to him.

Basudev also said that after Amit Shah left there, no BJP leader spoke to him nor did anyone come to ask. The BJP alleges that Basudev is saying these things under pressure from the Trinamool Congress. Apart from who is under pressure, it is clear that till the elections are held in West Bengal, such bets and punches will be seen continuously.


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