November 29, 2021

United Kisan Morcha wrote to the central government, raised these demands sanyukt kisan morcha writes to the central government raised these demands

new Delhi:

United Kisan Morcha has severely accused the government of misleading people. In this case, the United Kisan Morcha has written a letter to Vivek Agarwal, Joint Secretary and CEO of PM Kisan. In this letter, the farmers’ organization has once again demanded the repeal of the three agricultural laws. Apart from this, he said that the farmers are ready to talk to the government.

The United Kisan Morcha wrote in its letter to the central government, “Sadly, in this letter also, the government has tried to mislead the public by hiding the facts of the previous meetings. We always demanded the repeal of three central agricultural laws in every dialogue. The government twisted it and presented it as if we had demanded amendment in these laws. You say in your letter that the government wants to listen respectfully to the farmers. If you really want to do this, then first of all, do not misunderstand about the issues we have raised in the talks and stop the propaganda against the farmers using the entire government machinery. ”

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“However, since you say that the government is ready to hold talks at the time of the convenience of the farmers and the issues chosen by the farmers, we are making the following proposal on behalf of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha after talking to all organizations. Our proposal is that the next meeting between the representatives of the farmers and the Government of India be held on December 29, 2020 at 11 am. The agenda of the meeting should be the following and in the following order:

1. Modalities to be adopted to repeal / repeal the three Central Agricultural Laws.
2. Procedure and provision for legal guarantee of profitable MSP suggested by National Farmers Commission for all farmers and agricultural commodities.
3. Amendments to the “Commission Ordinance for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and adjoining areas, 2020” which are necessary to exclude farmers from the penal provisions of the ordinance.
4. Necessary changes in the draft ‘Electricity Amendment Bill 2020’ to protect the interests of farmers.

We want to reiterate that the farmers’ organizations have always been ready to hold talks with an open mind and will remain. ”

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In his second letter, the United Farmers Front wrote, “Nowadays letter diplomacy is going on. It takes us 2 days to reply from there and then a reply comes in 2 hours. That is to keep the ball in their court. So now we are ready too, okay let’s talk. The Kisan Morcha is making a proposal to the government. Meeting should be held on December 29 at 11 am. We are telling the agenda of the meeting.

1. Law to repeal the law
2. Purchase legal guarantee on MSP
3. Farmers should be excluded from stubble case
4. The interest of farmers on the matter of electricity
5. Forward movement
6. Toll Permit of Haryana and Punjab will be open
7. On 27–28 December, 2 days of martyrdom day will be observed on dharnas across the border
8. There will be talk on 29 December
9. Tractor will march on December 30 ”.

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