taiwan nuclear bomb china: the threat of Chinese military occupation may increase on the way to build nuclear bomb Taiwan – taiwan can make nuclear bomb amid chinese military occupation threat in south china sea

The increasing concentration of Chinese forces in the South China Sea has put the threat of an attack on Taiwan. Not only this, the brutality at Hong Kong at the behest of Chinese President Xi Jinping was seen not only in Taiwan but all over the world. Amidst the growing threat from the Chinese Army PLA attack, it is now feared that Taiwan may come up with a way to build atomic bombs for defense.

The Asia Times report said that the world saw the aggressive actions of China in Hong Kong and saw the promises made with Britain breaking. China crushed human rights and freedom of expression in Hong Kong. The report said that China did not gain anything by this action in Hong Kong, but its image was greatly tarnished worldwide.

According to a report by the organization Real Clear Defense, many Taiwanese believe that the barbaric action in Hong Kong showed a mirror of what could happen if China annexed Taiwan to the mainland. This is the reason why Taiwan has the lowest number of people supporting integration with China. Nearly 90 percent of Taiwanese people oppose it.

Only Taiwan’s nuclear weapons will open China’s eye
To deal with this threat from China, there is now a growing discussion in Taiwan that it should resume its nuclear weapons program. It is being said that nuclear weapons will open China’s eyes and he will pay attention. Real Clear Defense said that two years ago the Chinese President had said that if Taiwan does not join China with peace then it will be added on strength.

Since then, the Chinese military has been consistently behaving aggressively. Experts say that if Taiwan succeeds in building nuclear weapons, it could prove to be a game changer in the direction of suicide. Nuclear weaponry could devastate many Chinese cities in the face of Taiwan’s PLA attack. The report noted that Taiwan produced plutonium for its nuclear weapons in the 1970s.

Taiwan already has two nuclear plants
In 1976, under pressure from the US, Taiwan abandoned its nuclear weapons program, but it continued in intelligence until the 1980s. He succeeded in nuclear reaction. Taiwan is already an underdeveloped nuclear force. It will not take much time to build an atomic bomb, given the presence and technical capability of plutonium. Taiwan already has two nuclear plants that can produce plutonium.

Learning from Israel, Taiwan can secretly launch a nuclear weapons program for suicide. Israel is a major nuclear force today and has at least 80 nuclear bombs. History also tells that if Taiwan gets nuclear weapons, then China’s aggression towards it can be reduced. Although the current President of Taiwan is running an anti-nuclear campaign in the country, but if there is a crisis of existence, then she can move towards making nuclear weapons.


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