Rail par politics tejashwi Yadav ke tweet par bjp ka palatwar lalu yadav ke railmantri rehne ke dauran ka video share kar manga jawab: BJP’s retaliation on Tejashwi’s tweet by sharing video of Lalu Yadav being railway minister

Sunita Singh, Gopalganj
The Rashtriya Janata Dal and Tejashwi Yadav targeted a Bihar CM, Nitish Kumar and the BJP (BJP), by tweeting a video of the students traveling by goods train. BJP has now retaliated with this tweet (BJP Targets RJD). BJP District President of Gopalganj Binod Kumar Singh and former state BJP Vice President MLA Mithilesh Kumar Tiwai shared an old video of Gopalganj’s train journey. In it, hundreds of students are standing on the roofs of the train and traveling. Many students are standing on the rungs of the train and are completing their journey at risk. This video is being shared widely on social media.

BJP state vice president Mithilesh Tiwari targets Tejashwi
It has been claimed by BJP leaders that this video shared is from the year 2009. At that time former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav was the railway minister in the UPA government. In his home district, people were forced to travel like this. BJP state vice president Mithilesh Tiwari taunted the RJD and said that Tejashwi Yadav should first watch this video of his home district. In which how the students used to travel like this daily in their home district and reached home after risking their lives. But the Modi government of NDA converted Gopalganj from meter gauge to big line and gave many superfast trains.

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Politics heated up on this tweet by Tejashwi Yadav
Actually, Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav and RJD shared a video on the tweet. In which hundreds of students are traveling sitting on the roof of the goods train. In a tweet from RJD, it was written that in Bihar, for the examination of Forest Guard, candidates had to come to their examination centers in such a way, sitting on the goods trains. Look at the arrogance of @NitishKumar and BJP, even after asking for lakhs, neither the centers were given in the home district nor there was any arrangement for traffic.

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The war of words in BJP-RJD intensified
In response to this, BJP leaders tweeted the video. BJP District President Mithilesh Tiwari along with BJP District President Binod Kumar have also commented while sharing the video. He said that this video is a video of the era of the then Railway Minister. There was not even a corona in the country, yet the boys are hanging on. Right now the trains are running less about Corona. By the way, additional train for the students is running from today. However, this verbal war of leaders on Twitter has now become interesting.

BJP tweeted video of Lalu Yadav being Railway Minister


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