PM narendra modi kisan samman nidhi big points Kisan Andolan, PM Modi gave big gift to farmers, attacked opposition parties, know the big things of speech

pm narendra modi kisan samman nidhi big points PM under farmers kisan samman nidhi scheme
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Under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, PM transfers funds to farmers’ account, know the big things of speech

new Delhi. PM Narendra Modi on Friday released funds to farmers under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana on the occasion of the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. PM Modi launched the seventh installment of PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana by pressing the button to send more than Rs 18,000 crore to the accounts of more than nine crore beneficiaries. PM Narendra Modi attacked the opposition parties fiercely while addressing the donors of the country amid the ongoing farmers’ agitation on the borders of Delhi.

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During this, PM Narendra Modi said, “I regret today that more than 70 lakh farmers and siblings of my West Bengal have not been able to get the benefit of this. More than 23 lakh farmers of Bengal have taken advantage of this scheme. Have applied for online. But the state government has stopped the verification process for so long. The parties who do not speak in favor of farmers in West Bengal come here in Delhi and talk about the farmer. These parties These days APMC-mandis are missing a lot. But these parties repeatedly forget that there are no APMC-mandis in Kerala. These people never agitate in Kerala. “

Big things of PM Narendra Modi’s speech

  1. We worked by aiming to reduce the input cost of the farmers of the country. Soil Health Card, Neem Coating of Urea, Scheme for Millions of Solar Pumps started. The government tried to make the farmer have a better crop insurance cover. Today, crores of farmers are benefiting from the PM Crop Insurance Scheme.
  2. Our government endeavored to ensure that the farmer of the country gets a fair price for the crop. According to the report of the long-standing Swaminathan Committee, we gave one and a half times the cost to MSP farmers. Earlier, MSP was available only on a few crops, we also increased them.
  3. We also moved in the direction that the farmer should have not only one market but new markets to sell the crop. We added more than a thousand agricultural mandis of the country online. Of these, more than one lakh crore rupees have been traded. We made another goal to form groups of small farmers so that they can work as a collective force in their region. Today, a campaign is underway to form more than 10 thousand Farmers Producer Associations-FPO in the country, financial assistance is being given to them.
  4. Today, the farmer of the country is getting his pucca house, getting toilet, getting clean water tap. This is the farmer who has benefited greatly from the free connection of electricity, free connection of gas. Free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Bharat scheme has reduced the major concern of his life.
  5. Through these agricultural reforms we have given better options to the farmers. After these laws you can sell your produce to whomever you want. You can sell produce where you get the right price. Do you want to sell your produce at MSP ie MSP? You can sell it. Do you want to sell your produce in the market? You can sell Do you want to export your produce? You can export. Do you want to sell it to the merchant? You can sell
  6. Do you want to sell your produce in another state? You can sell Do you want to sell produce together through FPO? You can sell Do you want to be a part of the value chain of biscuits, chips, jam, other consumer products? You can also do this.
  7. When we increased investment and innovation in other sectors, we increased the income as well as established Brand India in that sector. Now the time has come for Brand India to establish itself with the same reputation in the agricultural markets of the world.
  8. In such a situation, farmers across the country have fully supported and welcomed the agricultural reforms. I thank all the farmers. I can assure you that we will not let anything fall on your faith. Recently, many states, be it Assam, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, elections were held in these panchayats. The people, mainly from the rural areas, participated in it. In a way, he has rejected all the parties which mislead the farmers.

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