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Did the private company just buy your crop or even take the land? When Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked Gagan Paring of Arunachal Pradesh this question, he was a little surprised. He replied that there has been an agreement to carry the product and not the land. The land is safe. While releasing the next installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, PM Modi did not ask this question spontaneously. He was answering his questions to opponents of the agricultural laws brought by his government. Modi questioned the farmers about the apprehensions that the protesting farmers’ organizations are referring to. Modi specifically mentioned West Bengal and asked why Mamta Banerjee government there is depriving the farmers of the state from the benefit of PM Kisan Yojana. He took on the left parties and also targeted the farmers movement in Delhi.

PM Modi released next installment of PM Kisan, know whether you got it or not

Why don’t you agitate in Bengal?

Farmers from all over India are getting the benefit of the Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, governments of all ideologies are attached to it, but the government of West Bengal alone is not allowing 70 lakh farmers there to benefit from it. The government of Bengal is not giving money to the farmers of the state for its political reasons. Many farmers of Bengal have written a direct letter to the Government of India, they are not even recognizing it. I am surprised that the people who ruled for 30-30 years, because of their ideology, from where they brought Bengal to where it is, the country knows. If you listen to Mamta ji’s 15 years old speech, you will understand how much this political ideology has ruined the country. He has a (left) party in Bengal, is an organization, has run the government for 30 years, even once these people did not launch any movement for 2 thousand rupees to the farmers. These people got up from Bengal and reached Punjab, then the question arises. And the government of West Bengal is also not allowing 70 lakh farmers to take advantage of the scheme, but secretly with the Left in Punjab. The people of the country know this game. The parties that do not speak on the condition of the farmers in Bengal are trying to harass the citizens of Delhi. In the name of the farmer, he is engaged in ruining the economy of the country.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Did you take your land too?

Gagan Parring’s number from Arunachal Pradesh came first in the program. PM Modi asked him what do he do with the money received from PM farmer? Gagan said that he bought organic manure. The PM asked him that the company with which he tied up for organic farming takes only crops or even land? Gagan replied that only the crop carried. On this, PM Modi said that you are sitting on Arunachal so far and are saying that your land is safe but confusion is being spread among the farmers that the farmers’ land will be taken here.

‘Lies are being spread’

PM Modi asked Shriram Gulab, who cultivates in Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh, that if the company of Ahmedabad is buying goods from you, then you are paying you full money? In response, Gulab said that the company takes the product from home and there is no middleman. After this, PM Modi said, “You will get the biggest benefit due to the new agricultural reform, you think so? The land will not go away, will it?” When the farmer said that otherwise, the PM said that ‘lies are being spread. When people like you speak, then trust grows. ‘

‘Now I get all the money in the mandis’

Hari Singh Bishnoi from Fatehabad in Haryana told the Prime Minister that those four brothers cultivate 40 acres. There are 15 members in the family. Singh said that now his trend is towards gardening. Horticulture tax is laid on 10 acres. The PM asked that if he sells goods in Delhi, he said that no, he used to sell in small mandis. The PM asked if you already get good money or not? To this Singh replied that he gets full money.

PM also spoke about the farmer movement

In his address, Modi indirectly referred to the peasant movement. Modi said, “I regret today that more than 70 lakh farmers and siblings of my West Bengal have not been able to get the benefit. More than 23 lakh farmers of Bengal apply online to take advantage of this scheme. Have been. But the state government has stopped the verification process for so long. The parties that do not speak on the benefit of farmers in West Bengal, come here in Delhi and talk about the farmer. These parties are now called APMC-mandis Is missing a lot. But these parties repeatedly forget that there is no APMC-mandis in Kerala. These people never agitate in Kerala. “

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