Dispute between 2 communities in Ujjain: vehicles were scattered on the streets, then the desolation … see the condition of the city in pictures – ujjain news: know how conflict started on friday evening after stone pelting on hindu organization workers in begumganj area of ​​ujjain

In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, the atmosphere suddenly became tense on Friday evening when stone-pelting started between two communities in Begumganj area. The brawl triggered by a bike collision led to a massive stone pelting and injuring half a dozen people. However, now the situation is completely peaceful.

Ready to administer

After the stone pelting, MPs Anil Ferozia along with the activists of the Hinduist organization surrounded the Mahakal police station. The authorities, however, did not let the situation go out of control. The top officer himself got ready. Police is now trying to identify the culprits. Videos of the incident and the surrounding CCTVs are being searched for this. Through this, those who throw stones are being identified. Some people have also been arrested.

Rally of Hindu organizations was coming out

There was a sudden stone pelting in the Begambagh area of ​​the city at a rally organized by Hinduist organizations in Ujjain on Friday about the collection of funds for the Ram temple in Ayodhya. The stone pelting continued for a long time. This made the city atmosphere tense. However, the police took immediate action and brought the situation under control. The SP and the Collector personally reached the spot and took charge.

Controversy started due to collision

The meeting was held at Madhav Seva Trust at around 6 pm on Friday evening. The issue of raising funds for the construction of Ram temple was to be discussed in the meeting. Activists of Hindu organizations were coming by bike to the Madhav Seva Trust in Mahakal police station area to participate in the same meeting. At the same time, the bike rider involved in the rally collided with someone in Begambagh area, causing controversy and chaos.

Children and women also threw stones

A minor dispute led to a massive stone pelting. Women and children also threw stones from the roofs, the video of which is going viral. Half a dozen people were injured in stone pelting. Vehicles were also vandalized. The force of most of the police stations of the city including SP and Collector reached the spot when the situation came under control. Police has detained some youths.

Stone pelting

Seeing the dispute, people from other parties also came and suddenly started throwing stones. Started killing people and policemen involved in the rally. Even after the rally proceeded, people pelted stones from the roofs. Women and children were also included in the stone throwers. This made the surrounding environment turbulent.

Vehicles were scattered on the streets

After the stone pelting, there was chaos in the whole area. People started running here and there in search of safe places. After a while, vehicles were seen scattered on the streets. Traffic also started to get disrupted, but the administration was promptly closed.

After a while everything is cool

The administration got into action before the situation was explosive. Police forces were also called from nearby police stations and posted in Begumganj area. The SP along with Collector Ashish Singh took command of law and order itself. Ujjain survived a major accident. The road was deserted after a while. Aces-two people were also barely visible.

Collector said, all under control

Ujjain collector Ashish Singh said that there was a dispute between the two communities, but it was local and the administration took immediate action and took control of the situation. He told that at present, there is complete peace in the city. He said the police would identify the duo based on video footage and other evidence of the incident. Action will be taken against them after this.


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