December 5, 2021

KP Sharma Oli: PM Oli ‘evicted’ from his own party! Nepal communist party becomes the biggest survey leader – pushpa kamal dahal replaces kp sharma oli as parliamentary leader of nepal communist party in parliament


  • Nepal Communist Party torn apart, one led by Prachanda and the other by PM Oli
  • PM Oli removed as the leader of the parliamentary party, Prachanda gets the responsibility
  • Oli dissolved Nepal’s parliament without party’s advice

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s decision to dissolve Parliament is now seen to be overwhelming. The most opposed to this decision of PM Oli is being opposed by the Nepal Communist Party (NCP). The ragged-Nepal faction of an undisclosed two-party ruling party has also removed PM Oli from the post of parliamentary party leader. In his place, this faction of the party has unanimously declared Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ as the leader of the new parliamentary party.

Oli and the raging faction trying to reveal themselves as real
The two factions of South Asia’s largest communist party, which came into existence about 31 months ago, are now trying to identify themselves as ‘real party’. The two factions held separate meetings in Kathmandu, the capital of the Central Committee. Chinese Ambassador Hao Yankee has once again jumped into this latest crisis and has met the Nepalese President.

Disciplinary action against oli
The ‘Prachanda’ led camp in Nepal announced on Tuesday the removal of Prime Minister Oli from the post of Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal and to take disciplinary action against him on charges of anti-party activity, after the Central Committee meeting. Earlier, Olli had on Tuesday formed a new 1199-member committee to organize the party’s general assembly with the aim of strengthening its hold on the organization.

Madhav Kumar Nepal becomes second party president
At the same time, the Prachanda-led camp also held a separate central committee meeting in Kathmandu. In this meeting, apart from former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal, several senior leaders including former Agriculture Minister Ghanshyam Bhushal were present. The Prachanda-led camp unanimously appointed senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal as the second president of the party at the Central Committee meeting. Prachanda is the first president of the party. About two-thirds of the party’s central committee members were present at the meeting.

How Nepal Communist Party became
The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) was formed in 2018 by PM Oli and former PM Prachanda. Prior to this, Prachanda’s party was named as Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), while Oli’s faction was named Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist). The two parties merged to form the Nepal Communist Party or the Communist Party of Nepal.

How the differences started in Oli Prachanda
Differences between the two parties started deepening from mid-2020 when Prachanda accused Oli of running the government without the party’s advice. After which the agreement was reached after several rounds of meeting between the two letters. However, this peace in the party did not last for long and there was a resurgence of the cabinet split. Ollie reshuffled his cabinet in October without Prachanda’s consent. He had appointed many people in several committees inside and outside the party without talking to other leaders. Apart from positions in the cabinet between the two leaders, there was no consensus between the two factions on the appointment of ambassadors and various constitutional and other posts.

Political violence erupts again in Nepal, Oli took big step

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