Will PM Oli be betting on dissolving Parliament? Nepal communist party may be torn apart today – nepal communist party likely to split today, kp sharma oli and pushpa kamal dahal prachanda relations updates

In Nepal, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli seems to be betting on dissolving the Parliament. The strongest opposition to his decision is being seen by his own Nepal Communist Party (NCP). Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda, who is leading the opposition faction in the party, has opened a front against Oli. It is believed that due to political instability in the country, Nepal Communist Party, which is at the crossroads, can be divided into two factions today. One of which will be headed by PM Oli, while the other will be led by Prachanda.

Nepal Communist Party will be divided into two factions today

Formal division can be announced in the country’s ruling party NCP in two meetings of the party cabinet committee on Tuesday. Both PM Oli and Prachanda can attend this meeting. According to sources, in the first meeting convened at 9 o’clock under the chairmanship of Oli, it may also be decided to expel Prachanda from the party. While Prachanda may show Oli a way out of the party in the second meeting called in the afternoon.

Not Oli-rapt, he will be the new president of NCP

According to sources, in the afternoon meeting, PM Oli can be removed from the party and Madhav Kumar Nepal can be made the new president of the party. Many senior leaders have stated openly that their party is facing an existential crisis at the moment. The end of the long-standing political deadlock may persist even after the party is divided.

How Nepal Communist Party became

The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) was formed in 2018 by PM Oli and former PM Prachanda. Prior to this, Prachanda’s party was named as Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), while Oli’s faction was named Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist). The two parties merged to form the Nepal Communist Party or the Communist Party of Nepal.

How the differences started in Oli Prachanda

Differences between the two parties started deepening from mid-2020 when Prachanda accused Oli of running the government without the party’s advice. After which the agreement was reached after several rounds of meeting between the two letters. However, this peace in the party did not last for long and there was a resurgence of the cabinet split. Ollie reshuffled his cabinet in October without Prachanda’s consent. He had appointed many people in several committees inside and outside the party without talking to other leaders. Apart from positions in the cabinet between the two leaders, there was no consensus between the two factions on the appointment of ambassadors and various constitutional and other posts.

Dahl wanted to make his special as home minister

PM Oli wanted to change the portfolio of some leaders of his cabinet and make him a minister again, but Prachanda was strongly against it. Prachanda wanted that the post of Home Minister of the country should be given to Janardan Sharma. In addition, Dahal wants the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to be assigned to a particular leader of his. While Oli did not want to assign this position to Prachanda’s special at any cost.


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