December 5, 2021

Farmer protest news: Kisan Andolan: deadlock on agricultural laws continues, farmers organization can send reply on government’s proposal today – delhi kisan andolan update: farmers can send reply today over talk with government


  • Farmers organizations can send their reply on the government’s proposal today
  • Letter to UK MPs to stop British PM Johnson
  • The meeting of the farmer organizations held on Tuesday was also inconclusive

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The dispute between the government and the farmers about the new farm laws is not being named. Farmers are not willing to back down from their demand (Kisan Andolan). The government has invited farmers for talks. Farmers organizations can send a reply to the letter received by the government on the proposal for talks. However, it is not yet clear whether the farmers’ organizations are ready to talk to the government.

The meeting of farmer organizations on Tuesday was inconclusive
The meeting of the farmers’ organizations on Tuesday on the government’s proposal was also inconclusive. Farmers’ organizations could not reach any concrete conclusion about the proposal. According to the information, some organizations want the talks to go ahead with the government, while some organizations are not ready for this. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what agreement has been reached in the farmers organization which is going to send the government to the government.

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British PM will write a letter to UK MPs to stop Johnson
Farmers are now preparing to pressurize internationally to get their demand for withdrawal of new agricultural laws (Farmer Protest). In this context, farmers’ organizations are writing a letter to UK MPs urging them to stop their Prime Minister Boris Johnson from visiting India on Republic Day.

Congress’s protest against agricultural laws in UP today
On the date of the birth of farmer leader and former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh, the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee will hold a demonstration in Uttar Pradesh today in support of farmer organizations opposing the agricultural laws. According to the statement issued by the UP Congress Committee, party workers will encircle the houses / offices of BJP MPs and MLAs and clap and perform at the houses / offices of BJP people’s representatives demanding the withdrawal of all three anti-farmer laws. Will be done.

Agriculture Minister ready to negotiate but farmers postpone decision, Congress will approach Rashtrapati Bhavan
Rising voices for both support and opposition to the law
Voices are being raised in support and opposition to the new agricultural laws. The central government is meeting daily with farmer organizations that are supporting the laws. So there is no lack of support even to the agitating peasant organizations. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar again said that the government is keen to continue discussing all the issues of dispute with the unions still performing. Farmer unions, on the other hand, said on Tuesday that the decision on the central government’s proposal for further negotiations has been deferred till Wednesday.

Tomorrow, Congress will hand over 2 crore signature memorandum to the President
The Congress said that senior party leaders and MPs led by Rahul Gandhi will submit a memorandum with two crore signatures to President Ram Nath Kovind on December 24 urging the repeal of the Central Agricultural Laws. The party’s general secretary of the party, KC Venugopal, in a statement alleged that the central government had hurt the farmers by enacting an ‘anti-agriculture law’ and now its ministers are insulting the farmers.

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3000 farmers from Maharashtra traveled to Delhi
More than 3,000 farmers have traveled to Delhi under the banner of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) in Maharashtra. People involved in the protests said that a 1,270-km-long ‘Vaatha Jatha’ (procession) has moved from Maharashtra on Tuesday to join their counterparts. In addition, a large number of farmers staged protests outside the offices of some corporate houses in Mumbai on Tuesday afternoon.

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