PM Modi Speech on Kisan Andolan: Narendra Modi Says I Don’t Want Credit For New Farm Laws – These 3 lies being spread about agricultural laws, PM Modi told what is the truth


  • PM Modi connected with video conferencing at farmers conference held in Madhya Pradesh
  • Directly targeting political parties opposing new agricultural laws
  • Modi said- I don’t want credit, political parties keep credit with them
  • PM said to farmers – political parties used to promise this, we fulfilled

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has slammed political parties opposing the new laws brought in the agriculture sector. Modi said that the same political parties used to talk about these changes in their election manifestos. Modi alleged that “I think his pain is not about why the agricultural laws were reformed. He has a problem with how Modi did the work we used to say but could not do.” , Why did Modi. ” Modi, while refusing to take credit for agricultural reforms, asked the opposition parties to leave the farmers ‘tricked’.

Attacking the peasant movement indirectly, Modi said that ‘games are being played to plow your political land by suddenly laying a web of confusion and lies. Farmers are being attacked by placing a gun on the shoulder. He said, “The government is asking again and again, in public, in the meeting, which clauses of law you have difficulty in, then those political parties have no concrete answer, that is the truth of these parties.”

I want to tell all political parties that you keep your credit with you. I do not want credit. I want ease in the life of the farmer, want prosperity, want modernity in farming. Please trick the farmers and leave them confused.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Reforms are new, advocacy already done: PM
The Prime Minister referred to the opposition to the new agricultural laws while dealing with the farmers of Madhya Pradesh. He said, “Truly, the peasants of the country should ask for answers from those who first wrote about these reforms in their manifestos, gathering the votes of the farmers but did nothing. Only avoiding these demands. And the country The farmer kept on waiting. If the old manifestos of all political parties are seen today, their old statements are heard, the letters of those who were earlier handling the country’s agricultural system, then the agricultural reforms that have taken place today, they will Are no different. “

Modi’s arguments in favor of new agricultural laws

  • I say with confidence that there is no reason for mistrust in the recent agricultural reforms we have done, there is no room for lies. Our government did the work of implementing the report of the Swaminathan Committee. If we had to remove the MSP, then why would the Swaminathan Committee report be implemented? It has been more than 6 months, when these laws were enacted. Even after enactment of the law, the MSP was announced as it was before. During the fight with the Corona epidemic, this work was done as before. Purchases on MSP were also made in the same mandis as they used to be. I assure every farmer of the country that like MSP was given earlier, it will continue to be given, MSP will not be closed, nor will it end.
  • Another lie related to agricultural reforms is being spread about the APMC i.e. our mandis. What have we done in law? We have given freedom to farmers in the law, a new option. In the new law, we have only said that whether the farmer sells in the market or outside, it will be his will. Now, where the farmer gets a profit, he will sell his produce. Not a single market has been closed after the new law. Then why is this lie being spread?
  • The third big lie about new agricultural reforms is going on with the farming agreement. Is there anything new in the farming agreement in the country? No. Farming agreement has been in operation in our country for years. In the farming agreement, only crops or produce are compromised. The land remains with the farmer, the agreement and the land have nothing to do.

Even after these things of mine, even after these efforts of the government, if anyone has any apprehension, we bow our heads, fold our hands, very humbly, in the interest of the farmer of the country, to address their concern, Ready to talk on every issue.

PM Modi

Attack on opposition with the report of Swaminathan Committee
Continuing to attack the opposition parties, Modi added, “The Swaminathan Committee report is a great proof of how ruthless the farmers are talking. The report came, but these people kept pressing Swaminathan Committee’s recommendations for eight years.” The peasants agitated, demonstrated but did not shake the stomach water of these people. These people ensured that their government does not have to spend much on the farmer. Farmers are not the pride of the country, they have to increase their politics Used the farmer. While our government dedicated to farmers considers farmers to be our donors. We pulled out the Swaminathan Committee report thrown in a pile of files and implemented its recommendations, giving farmers an MSP of one and a half times the cost. “

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