When silver worth rupees 15 lakh found from wireless sets of second world war in bihar: when 15 kg silver came out of wireless sets of World War II, ips officer’s word

Former DGP Abhayanand of Bihar Police … a person who was a strong and honest police officer but is also a teacher. When a person who has studied Physics, Physics, comes in the Police Department, he has both administrative and scientific knowledge. Abhayanand used this knowledge to get 15 kg of silver out of government waste and also deposited it in the government treasury. But do you know where this silver originated from… Second World War story. How, he told himself sequentially by former DGP Abhayanand. Hear this amazing story of an IPS

Story of extracting silver from government waste
IPS and former DGP Abhayanand (Ips Abhayanand) have written all this story in one of their Facebook posts. According to Abhayanand ‘Wireless Department. If an IPS officer is told that his posting has been there then the first feeling will come to mind that he has been shunted. I was posted to DIG Wireless in 1996. I did not mind such a thing, but perhaps the people at the top of the government must have felt it. I was excited that the knowledge of electronics in physics would be able to be utilized properly. As soon as he took office, he went to the workshop. Talked with the workers at work there at their work place, looked at their instruments. It is reassuring that it is also the employees of this department who can also understand electronics. I also discussed the principles of Physics with him, so I had a lot of respect for him.

Abhayanand further writes’ There used to be purchases in this department every year. When these junior workers started talking to me openly, they told that there is no need to have as many parts as are purchased. If the wireless sets are damaged, remove parts and store them, then many sets will be repaired. I liked this idea and saved a lot of money from the government.

15 kg of silver from World War II wireless sets
What happened after this was probably a wonder for Bihar Connection 2nd World War. According to Abhayanand, ‘the staff of the department informed that after the end of the Second World War the old wireless set was given to the police department. All those sets are now placed like junk in the big Godown. I saw him in that Godown not far from the office. It was very messy. Dusty, disorganized. But I became interested in those old sets. I started tracing his circuit. Power oscillator, modulator, demodulator installed. Suddenly a worker came and said that there is silver in this head.

The coil the oscillator was made of in the HF set was shining like silver. When washed off, it shone more. This coil was removed from all such sets. A goldsmith got him tested. He told that it is absolutely true. Its accuracy was scientifically investigated in FSL. Turned out to be near 99% pure. Weights were made before a committee which had all categories of personnel. According to the memory, about 15 kg of silver came out. It was sealed and deposited in the treasury of the district. The government was duly informed of this. Silver was extracted from government waste.

Sincerely: – From Facebook page of IPS Abhayanand


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